Project Maverick

by WeabooGamesInc
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As I said in the last Game Update Log I am currently working on Mob Art for the game originally I had planned to take a few weeks to do the mob art then launch a beta by the end of this month however, after re-assessing the quality I desire from my mobs visually speaking I have decided to take my time and work on them diligently in order to produce something I can be proud of those who were chosen for beta will instead be invited to the next alpha testing. However in my rush the quality decreased. As such I have decided to take my time and bring the game to a more completed state before opening it to the public. You may have noticed the winged creature in the screenshot section. That creature is an example of the revisions I am making.

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Immediately after completing mob work... I will begin working on clothing art/Equipment. As I intend to have every piece of clothing/weapon art done before the game is actually listed it will be some time before release. I once again ask that you bear with me.

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By nature, "I" I being the team leader; am an artist and a visually acceptable game is the only game I plan to release.
Monster hunter BONE ARMOR NICE
Sir! Why I never!
WeabooGamesInc wrote:
I once again ask that you bare with me.

Alrighty, if you say so. *gets naked*

I like the art, but the animation cycle could be smoother.

my edit is crap but you should try learning about how angular shapes receive light
Your edit is pro.
Thank you both for the creative criticism. I will work on that.