Shibusen ID

I know byond is getting tired of me but i need more help lol.

The picture is what i want to come up when a person is clicked on but i think i know how to do that, although im not exactly sure.

What i need help with is connecting the player that has been clicked on's information to that card through the interface

What i wanted to do also with where the id pic goes is to put the actual player, Like naruto games that show your own character in the stat panel, but im not exactly sure if it can be done

I'll be very greatful for the help
Create a new window in the interface editor. Set its background image to whatever, then create a bunch of label elements in the spots where you want pictures or text to appear. Whenever a Click() is called on a player, have the Click() proc winset() the necessary info to each label element.

That's the only way I can think of...

Also, make sure the window's visible option is unchecked, then set its is-visible parameter to true when you want it to show.