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Anyways...I was looking through the what people have done with the new isometric system and I started to tinker around with it. It has a ton of potential and it is, no doubt, a great addition to any game-makers arsenal of utilities. My first instinct to when I'm given this is to look at a bunch of games that have been successful at employing this type of map-maneuvering. The first game that came to mind was Megaman Battle Network for the GBA.

It had two map types: the isometric map and the battle screen. The battle screen is what I'm worried about though. Seeing as how the battle screen was a regular grid, its suited towards the top-down map view. How would one even go about employing this switch from isometric to top-down for this?

My best guess is to just manipulate the graphics around one map type or the other seeing as how you can't have both and the map_format is a constant at runtime.

Mind boggling...but I'm interested in your comments. Thanks in advance.
How have you tinkered with it, if it hasn't released yet?

It's not on the builds page.
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Many people have already(including me) tinkered with it. It was on the builds page, but it was moved to a much more mystical "beta" page.
Multiple servers are always an option.
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Switching between servers so frequently just for battles can prove to be annoying for the player - it's going to be VERY noticeable.
You always have the option of using client.screen. The drawback to that is you can't use the normal options for atomic movement(step(),Move() etc.)
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Yeah unless of course you just had them leave both windows open? Maybe make the battle server's screen show something else until there in a battle.
In the public release, there will be a method to draw to the top-down layer while in isometric mode.
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...I love you.