[Bleach] Shinzui

by Albro1
[Bleach] Shinzui
New hub, same game!
Applies to:Dream Seeker
Status: Open

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Squad 1: 1.7x Reiatsu, 1.5x Zanjutsu, 1.3X Hakuda
Special If zan is Ryujin + 1.3x dmg

Squad 2: Faster moving speed, 1.5x Hakuda

Squad 3: Faster moving speed, 1.5x Zanjutsu
Special If Zan is Quicksword , 1.3x Dmg

Squad 4: 1.3x Reiatsu, 1.3x Zanjutsu, 1.3x Kidou Dmg
Special If Zan is Heal, 1.3x damage

Squad 5: 1.3x Reiatsu, 1.3x Kidou Dmg, 1.2x Zanjutsu
Special - If Zan is Illusion + 1.3x Dmg

Squad 6: Faster moving speed, 1.4x Zanjutsu dmg
Special If Zan is Area + 1.3x Dmg

Squad 7: 1.7x Zanjutsu, 1.5x Stamina

Squad 8: 1.4x Reiatsu, 1.4x Zanjutsu, 1.2x Health

Squad 9: 1.85x Zanjutsu, Faster moving speed
Special: If Zan is Blind + 1.5x Dmg

Squad 10: Faster Moving speed, 1.5x Rei
Special If Zan Ice or Frost +Dmg 1.5x

Squad 11: 1.85x Reiatsu, 1.5x Health, 1.5x Stamina, 1.75x Zanjutsu

Squad 12: 1.85x Health, 1.75x Stamina
Special If Zan is Poison + 1.5x Dmg

Squad 13: 2x Zanjutsu, 2x Reiatsu, 1.85x Stamina
- 20% HP
Why do you include Poison in Squad 10?

Also, if I incorporate any of these I will definitely have to tone down the numbers a lot. A 100% increase in Zanjutsu for being the captain of squad 13 has pulled an Olympic long jump over the border of over-powered. lol
Sorry was typo, changed it
I only kept them high because of Vaizard mask's ridiculously OP'ed stat boosters
In response to FishMan123
Even if the masks give higher boosts, they are only for a limited time. With this, you're talking a permanent boost until you are no longer a Captain.

The Vizard class is a "Tier 3 Class" because it is one of the strongest. Just like Arrancars and Raincyrs. It is no secret that they are ranked above Shinigami in power, but that does not mean that all Vizards are stronger than Shinigami. It takes more commitment but yields different results to remain a Shinigami and be stronger than all of the Vizards.
Hmm, guess I didn't think about it that way xD, Maybe in order for said boosts to be given you actually need to activate a new technique - Limit Release.

You should be able to increase it's time limit the same way as mask, but have it cap at somewhere around 5 minutes.

What do you think about that?
In response to FishMan123
Mask times actually don't increase, they are set. The highest mask time is 2 minutes, and its only available on 2 masks.