I am trying to emulate the NDS's multiple screen. I have made my interface's map an incredible size (either 31x11 or 15x23 - when either side-by-side or on top of each other.) I also placed a lable overtop of the map's center tile (16th or 12th tile) for a break between the screens. (Yes I know this all seems overcomplicated, and there might be an easier way that I don't know about, but it was a random idea that popped in my head so bear with me here)

The problem is, the player's icon is situated in the center of the map. I want it to place the player's icon in the first half of the map (left or top) and the center of that half. Is there any way I could make the player situated in, lets say, tile 8,6, the center of the player's map area of the map control? (If your wondering why I want to split the map, its so that the second area can be used for interfaces and such using screen_loc.)

Here's a graphical example of what I mean... could be of more use because I'm horrible at explaining things(sorry if the image seems a bit condescending, originally used it to show a younger sibling what I meant)

Do you think this is possible? If it is, how would I do it?

If not, is there an easier way of what I want to acomplish?

EDIT1: Tried to use client/screen already... it doesn't go far enough (max is 127... I would need 196 *sadface*)
You would need to create an obj to follow the mob some amount below the player, then set the eye to it.

if(. && eyeball)
eyeball.loc = get_steps(src,SOUTH,EYEBALLRANGE)
eyeball = new /obj
eyeball.loc = get_steps(src,SOUTH,EYEBALLRANGE)
client.eye = eyeball

Where EYEBALLRANGE is some constant based on your screen size (you figure it out) and get_steps() is a proc to get_step() some number of times (I'm sure you can find an example of it if you search the forum).
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I'm not quite sure what you mean by that.. how exactly does that work? (I don't even know what I would search to find this...)
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Oops, forgot the important part: client.eye = eyeball in Login(). The eyeball follows you around, X number of steps below you, and your view is centered on the eyeball.
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Thanks, I figured out what you meant by that (and it works perfectly btw, thank you so very much!)