How would I go about minimizing the amount of memory and CPU the dream seeker uses on players computers?
Lol. Just lol. The only way is to remove any massive interface things, and that difference is negligible.

Unless you actually mean the host, in which case, do what Megelic said.
Good programming will help reduce CPU usage.
Bustercannon wrote:
How would I go about minimizing the amount of memory and CPU the dream seeker uses on players computers?

Learn to program and not ban people who make opinions of your game in game ?
Less objects in players view, less objects on players Z level, less transparent icons in players view, all those will decrease CPU usage on player side
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Not so much objects in the players' views, but animated objects in the players' view.
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Dream Forge has no animated objects outside Inn/Tavern. However I have graphical lag while I'm outside it
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Note that most of these are negligible differences, unless you're running on a graphics card from the 90's.
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Lol mine from 07 I think... GeForce 8800
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I've never had lag on a game invoked by Dream Seeker itself. It was always caused by the host. I seriously don't know what you guys do that causes these issues, but my laptop from 2007 has no problem handling BYOND in the least, and my families' old computer from 2001 had no problem, either.
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Same here. Even on my machines that were about 10 years old each I never had lag issues other than that caused by faulty hosting connection.
A lot of games have a lot of useless things going on, such as an npc wandering around when no client is there to see it, what's the point? So in the link Magelic posted it explains how you can overcome this problem.

There are usually other useless things going on that can be told to not happen until they're useful, you just have to know what to toggle on and off.

CPU optimisation usually isn't much of a problem.
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No, he wants to make optimizations client side, which he can't :P