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Every time I try and host it always shows the red word but if was working just fine yesterday I tried opening another port but the same thing happened. HELP!.
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Hello Allington123,

Check to see if your computer's IP address has changed since yesterday. This can be done by: Start > Run... > type cmd > type ipconfig/all > The field marked as IPv4 is your computer's IP address. You can compare this IP address to the IP address in which the port was forwarded to, in your port forwarding configuration panel.

If these IP address are different. One possibility is that a static IP address has not been configured for your computer (By default, Windows will automatically be assigned a new, and possibly different, IP address each time your computer is restarted, refereed to as a dynamic IP address.). Instructions for configuring a static IP address can be found here.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to establish a static IP address for your computer, (For safety and consistent reconnection purposes, you should host using a static IP address.) you can port forward the port you are using to the new IP address your computer has been assigned. You may have to do this each time you restart your computer.

Good luck!