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I'm the owner of a NFF rip named Hatred Unleashed. I'm the best at coding, but I know enough to make my game run and fix bugs and stuff. I entrusted my source to a guy by the key of ThunderBane so he can help me code in stuff I don't know how to do, the more complicated stuff. In the past, like six months ago, I worked with a guy that goes by Kinjo or Rage. His main key is Dark Dementor or Light Dementor. They went behind my back and took my source, then stripped me from any owner verbs in game. ThunderBane and I also worked through DropBox, so every update that was made to my game, they have. They're using my game as their own.

Is there a way I can ban them from using my hub at all?
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Hi DhatBoiNick,

The only viable option to prevent games from showing up on the hub (short of having a pre-implented cut off) is by changing your hub password though the hub page control panel in your account.

This means that while the unauthorized game will still be live, it will not be displayed on the hub page due to providing an incorrect password. This also means that any sessions that are desired to be displayed on your hub page will require an update with the updated hub page password.

Good luck.