Applies to:Dream Maker
Status: Open

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Well I have made a translation utility and it gets problematic with tons of players online, constantly using world.Export() and such.

I am wondering if we can have client.Export() retrieve data from a webpage like how world.Export() does too. This way the client retrieves the data rather than the world, just the world can manipulate the data retrieved.

I'm sure this could open room for even more possibilities and less stress on the servers itself, and focus it a bit more on the client.
even if the client downloads the data, it still has to transfer it to the server for it to be manageable. which would essentially be the same as just downloading it via the server again, no?
Yes, it would be but since the client and the server are already communicating, can't it just be sent in a packet?
You'd still be transmitting the same data to the server, and probably at a lower connection speed than the server would have with the website directly.
Hmm alright