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I'm bored and I just want to play that game again. The version by Rushnut is even more crap with the whole catapult bullcrap. Even if you manage to make it pass wave 18, when the catapults come again, they will surely bug you -.-

Space Castle will be nice as well :o
I have them. Just contact me via the pager.
Thanks dude :o
No problem. I'm on now.
Catapult bug? Elaborate please :)
Will do, I'll play it and copy the runtime error that I get.

It always occurs on wave 18, and other people experience it too. Sometimes I get past it but when the enemy catapults come back, it occurs again and crash's the game.
In response to Rushnut
It's a runtime error, which in-turn, is a bug. I can't provide more information since it crash's on me.