DBZ: Fighting Warriors

by B-Blast
Be one of the Fighting Warriors!
This is an old skool Dragonball Z game.

We have different features in this game and we are now developing Version 3.0.

Version 2.0
- Earth, Namek, Black, White Dragonballs
- Saiyan, Konan, Dragon, Namekian, Kai, Android, Bio-warrior, Changeling, etc.
- Different Genes
- 4 different planets
- Quests
- Allot of techniques
- The rest u need to find out!

Version 3.0
- Blue Dragonballs will be added
- More races
- More genes
- The skin wil be updated and a hotkey bar will be added
- Icons wil be updated
- New maps
- New quest
- etc....

Version 3.0 Is going to be awesome!
If version 3.0 is going to be online there will be a Pwipe :).

Join and enjoy!

Owner: B-Blast
Co-Owner: Grim
Gms: none...