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According to the guide, you can set a hub path using an argument, but it doesn't really show what exactly I need to throw in there as input..

Does anyone know what I'm gonna have to use in setMedal or GetMedal for it to take medals from a certain hub?

the hub path.
That is as in.. Make a variable holding the hub's link, and just calling hubvariable.SetMedal(furtherstuff) or what?
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could be a variable. like. the same as world.hub

Like, the hub path for



In the argument, you'd put "SuperSaianX.balls" or a variable containing that string.

GetMedal(medal, player, "SuperSaiyanX.balls")
Super Saiyan X gets all the credit here but I'll just elaborate on what he is saying.

The DMGuide states this:

Security note: You can specify a different hub path and hub_password by adding these as extra arguments, but this is not recommended for security reasons. If you use this feature, it should only be on games that cannot be downloaded by the public.

But you are probably wondering how?

First let me explain what an argument is.

say I have a proc like so


and within that proc's ()'s would be the arguments like so


which are separated by commas.

So put into practice, you would end up with something like this for what you want.


but writing all those


stuff could be pretty redundant if they are already in the correct order, so you could just do this:


I know what an argument is, I just didn't really have an idea on how to use it in this context as it wasn't really explained anywhere. Good to know it's this simple :D