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Well, I created a Hub for my game, after my source was stolen and the thieves created their own Hub using my games' name; which is Hatred Unleashed. For some reason, the person that I'm letting host isn't showing up on the Hub. I know I got the Hub password right and I have the required box checked to make the game public within the Hub Options section. But still, my host can't show up on the Hub. On BYOND Pager, he doesn't show up, but when someone goes through, they can see that the game is up. I don't know what else to do. Can anyone help me?
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If the world.hub_password variable compiled into the version of the game he's hosting matches the hub's password, then it should appear. Have you checked to see if he's hosting the server in public mode? If he has it in invisible mode then it won't show up regardless of the hub password being set correctly.
Yes. I asked him if he's hosting in public mode. He said he is and he isn't doing anything different from what he's been doing all a long; he have hosted for me before and everything worked fine.