How would I make it so that if the Move() proc returns 0 five times in a row, the mob trying to move stops moving?

Did I make myself clear? Hehehe :P
No, you're not making much sense. If Move() returns 0, you're not moving.
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Thing is, when you have 2 mobs walk_to() the same turf, only 1 will arrive at the turf; mob A. The other mob (mob B) will be standing next to mob A. Meh, actually, mob B will like, start walking around mob A to try and stand in A's place.

When mob A moves away from the turf, mob B takes its place.

I want to prevent that-- I want to make it so that if a mob fails to move 5 times in a row, it definitely stops moving-- in this example, if mob A moved, mob B would stay in its place rather than take mob A's place.
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Don't use walk_to().