Age of Magic - Fairy Wars

by Zagros5000
Age of Magic - Fairy Wars
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Quick Guide:

For the new players who did not take the time to carefully read the Messages.Also, Don't be too hasty on clicking on NPCs it may cause stacking problems.

You Start off by First Talking to all of the Teachers in each Room, They are the basic tutorial of the game and give detailed explanations of game mechanics. After the Last teacher you should get a quest called kill the 10 slimes. I suggest killing the grew Slimes seeing as they don't deal as much damage and respawn quickly.

To Check For Quests and Other Things Click the Menu button on the right side of your Screen over here:

After that speak to the the teacher on the Right side the man named Gin once you finish the quest and Read his Message Carefully Don't just speed through it. After that Speak to Aramos the Npc in the lobby and the first thing you see. He will send you to magdeline the witch whom is stiring the pot. Here:
She will ask you to get items that are all outside the School/Academy just walk through the fields. Important make sure to talk to the witch after completing each quest.

After completing her tasks speak to Aramos to join a Guild. This is the Conclusion to the Newb Guide.
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