Pokemon Shooting Star

by Ashley_Laww
A Superstar game is about to arrive. Excited?
New to PSS? Here's a little guide that can help you get through the game and become the best trainer ever >:)

Setting Up:
Note: If you log in and see a bunch of stupid noobs talking (Aka Hoosha & Zoey) ignore them ^^

1. When you first enter the game, you need to select and icon and then choose your name(Nothing to inappropriate). Anyways, once you join, you can go to the commands tab and edit yourself in a couple ways. Like changing your Facepic(no memes, real life photos or anything disturbing), Change your icon, change your text color, and customize your appearance.
2. Make sure that your screen is able to see the text screen. If its too big, follow these instructions:
-Click the textscreen
-Hold Ctrl
-Now scroll with your mouse
This should fix the problem, just adjust the text size so your able to see it.
3. Now that all of your settings are set, time to start your adventure!

Getting Started:

Professor Black:
When you join, you start out in a lab. Above you will be Professor Black the best professor in the world, because instead of giving you a choice of 3 pathetic, puke worthy Pokemon that no one gives a flyin fart about ^^ he gives you a Master ball, along with 3 Pokeballs. With this master ball, you can choose anyone Pokemon you see as a starter, from Staryu, to Wurmple, and to even the strongest pokemon ever....Torkoal .-.

Once you get your Pokeballs, get your butt outside and start your journey. Exit the lab and head north to the forest.

Since you have a Master Ball, you can catch any Pokemon you want with it, once you see one that you like, just click on it and its all yours. (Just note that you get only 1 Master Ball, so choose your starter carefully.)

Now that you have your starter. Check its stats out by going to the Pokemon tab(Send it out first). You can do other things with your Pokemon too like exercising....and that's it :)

Now that you wasted your Master on probably some worthless pile of crap :) (Ya that's right! I'm talkin about your crappy Buneary and Slakoth you emotionless tin can) You can Start battling other pokemon.

Battling in the game is actually pretty easy, it takes some getting use to but the more you play the easier it becomes.
Your Pokemon has 4 moves which you can view at the top right of the screen above the chat box. You can access those moves by using the the Number Keys 1-4. Now that you know what our moves are and how they work, time to battle!!

To start, click the pokemon that you want to engage in battle with, this will allow your pathetic Pokemon to target it so now all of your moves will be directed at it. Now use your moves to defeat it in battle. If you win, you can choose to catch it or not by clicking it again. If you lose :) you suck and need practice.
This is pretty much how battling works, just use your moves to win

Leveling Up & Stats:

When you continue to gain Experience Points by either exercising or battling. You will eventually Level up. When you level up, your Pokemon gains faster energy regeneration which means your moves will have a lower cooldown.
When you level up, you gain 1 Stat point to boost your Pokemons stats. You can choose between Power, Endurance, Speed, and Aim.

Power: Pokemon's attacks strenght

Endurance: Boosts Pokemons defense

Speed: Your Pokemon's Speed/Agility

Aim: Attacks range/Attack Speed

Choose to boost which ever stat you want to make your Pokemon OP.

Money in the game is pretty hard to obtain at first. You need Money to:
-Buy Pokeballs
-Buy TMs
-Other stuff I can't be asked to remember
You can obtain money buy, the most well know answer, defeating gym leaders. There are other ways too like winning Pokemon Contest.

Gym Leaders:
Like in the games and anime, there are a total of 8 GL's(Which are NPC's). The Leaders,as the creator Ashley_Laww puts it, "Very OP! >O< DON'T UNDERESTIMATE MY CREATIONS, PUNK!!!" Each Gym Leader has their own different fighting style and Pokemon. They can be troubling at times, but if you train enough and put enough devotion, you can win!

Once you get a pokemon you like that is able to evolve, you will probably be wondering "How do i evolve it?" Well evolving Pokemon in PSS is different from most games, you don't evolve from levels, you evolve from beating the crap out of Gym Leaders. All you need to do is choose the pokemon you want to evolve, then battle the gym leader with it. if you win, your pokemon evolves and you can give it some nice SP(Stat Points). If you lose, oh welL :) try again later noob.

You'll encounter a lot of trainers on your journey "To be the very best, ToT That no one ever was"~ you may get challenged to some battles pretty often and that's a good thing, the more battles you have and the more you hang around, the more comfortable you'll be in the game ^_^ (Unless Hoosha, Zoey and that shemale noobtard Eiry decided to ruin your nice day.)

Pokemon League:
Once you get all 8 badges, you are qualified to challenge the Elite 4 and Champion(Which are actual players.)

The Elite 4 are ranked 1-4 of course, 4 being the weakest, 1 being the strongest. When you challenge an Elite be warned, if you lose, then you also lose all of your badges.

As you continue to beat the living crap out of the Elite you will gain stars. Once you get all 4 stars you are able to challenge the Champion. If you win ^_^ you take his spot as Champion, the losing Champion will lose all his badges and title, if you lose to the Champ, you lose your stars & badges.
There are lots of perks to being the Champion trust me, it's a title you'll wanna get ^_^

Well that's all I got ^_^ good luck you stupid piece of crap.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask either here or in the game.
this post will cause cancer, headaches, immediate vomiting, and pretty much sound god awful as a guide. You practically wasted 5 minutes of your life reading this Reply and the guide listed above.