I know this is the wrong place for this but How do i contact byond owner or admins about someone using my icons when i told them to delete them after a arguemnt happen and also refuses to give me credit
Help -> Contact. God, it's not too hard to search or look around every once in a while.
Just a note; BYOND can't really deal with problems like this. We have no way of proving the sides of the story and things of that nature.
If you have an actual copyright and proof that the icons are your creation, you can take it to court with the other person, but BYOND will do nothing for you.
Highly unlikely you'll be able to take him to court just for this. Especially if your game is a fan game. All you can do to him is tell him not to use your icons or give them to anyone, unless, of course, you have a solid copyright.

If asking him gently doesn't work, try threatening him to take him to court. That should work, or it may make him laugh in your face.

BYOND has nothing to do with your games. Seriously. They don't get into issues like these which don't belong to them. It's your job to make sure no one steals your icons. BYOND staff has a lot of work to do. You aren't contacting the right group/person.

Conclusion: if he refuses to stop his process regarding your icons, threaten him to take him to court. If he laughs and/or doesn't agree, apply the copyright law and forcefully take him to court.

I do hope I helped you. Do note, if he uses your icons, people won't play his game because it has the icons ripped off your game. So he won't have a lot of success by taking your icons, unless his coding skills are better than yours.