Where do i get iconning tuts that are people lets say i wanted to make Naruto 4-tails, How would i make it so when he stands still in 1 square his tails would be moving And when he moves he runs on his hands and stuff, i would like a tut for PEOPLE ICON not TURF ICONS, i would like youtube tuts the most please reply giving a tut!
Requests don't go well in this community.
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You mean that by?
You either want

1) Multi-tiled mobs


2) to learn more about iconning

If 1 is true, look up: the pixel_y var, the pixel_y var, and the overlays var.

If 2 is true, go here.

EDIT: Please use proper grammar when you post, and try to give a general detailed explanation. I bet a lot of people on these forums have no clue what a 9-tailed fox naruto is :P