OK the last person didnt help me much im still confused IM trying to find a way to make a spawn point for players with certain races like for sayians when they create their player they start off at Planet vegeta and when they resurrect they go to their home planet If anyone can help me please help me out ill give credits if you want
I even gave you the code, fully commented. It sounds like you need to read the ZBT's and the DM guide!

Start here and please code your game from scratch instead of modifying someone else's work: DreamMakers?command=view_post&post=40355
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look its not that i read it somethings i just dont understand i edit codes thats what i do i try editing thats it thats how i learn
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Editing is a terrible way to learn! Most source codes (such as dragonball zeta and NBTOLS or whatever) are just horrible! Try reading the ZBT's first: they explain everything in an understandable way. If you are going to learn from other people's code, I recommend learning from Dream Maker's resources, as they all use good programming practices.
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I dunno, while I did learn by editing, I do agree that Zeta does give a poor example of real programming.

Editing is a great way to learn, however, you might want to pick a better codebase.

Though, if you are determined to edit Zeta, that's your thing, amiright?