IM trying to find a way to make a spawn point for players with certain races like for sayians when they create their player they start off at Planet vegeta and when they resurrect they go to their home planet if anyone can help me thanks
YOU should search next time then.

var/TAG //you can only set the tag variable in the map editor or at runtime.

New() //when a /area/Spawns is created
..() //do the default action
tag = TAG //set the area's tag to it's TAG variable

TAG = "Race1"

mob/var/race = "Race1"

loc = locate(race) //look up the locate proc. In this case we would be locating a tag.

This can also be handled with turfs, which I highly recommend doing. I just did this as an example for you to learn from, not to copy and paste!
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thanks im just using cordnetts from the maps
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It's better to use tags, because if you ever change your map, things can get messed up that way.
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ok so tags are the what? races?
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Whatever you want. I told you to look up the locate proc. I suggest looking up the tag variable, too.
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ok thanks
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There's not much point in setting a tag at compile-time because you can just use locate(Type) instead (same for what you've worked around).
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I ment it as more of a turf based system that could be integrated into his map. I saw a post on propaganda about him being a ripper, so I wanted to give him something to alter, not copy and paste.

I do see your point though, I shouldn't have really done that.