Dungeon Master

by Ginseng
Dungeon Master
RTS/RPG Dungeon simulation game. How evil a Dungeon Master will you be?
I'd highly appreciate any suggestions towards the remake that anyone has be posted on this thread! Even if you don't really think that it's too viable, or going to work, or would be the best idea, we want to hear it so that we can see about it!

Thank you!


I found on Github a well organized remake of this game. What more did I find, but some issues to try to fix!

It's in very early stages, but I now think that I'm going to be working on this remake in the hopes that it'll work. The current source of DM is just too not-good to work with.

That said, I'm only an okay programmer and as much help as possible would be appreciated. If anyone wants instructions on how to set up Git, and how to contribute, feel free to message me or just reply here!

Until then, here is the set of issues to be worked on:


I confess-- The project looks dead, but it doesn't have to stay that way. I'm sending an email to the people who look to be 'maintaining' it in order to request maintainer access to the repository, and then will do all I can to work on it and help others work on it. Who knows-- Maybe we can get an actually decent game together soon enough!

Thanks for reading!
Whoever owned it seemed to have placed me in admin control of the hub, and sent me an email explaining that if I'd like, I can take over the project. I suppose that's what I'm doing, now. Still, any help is appreciated!

I also got in digging today! <3
Hey there. It's great to see that you have taken interest in taking over the realm-master project. While I won't be able to offer much help right now, I do support your efforts and I look forward to seeing where you take it. Best of luck to you! :)
The specific coding style is so odd. But it looks to be decent, and reminds me of SS13.

Anyway: Thanks!
The Yoker suggested to me today that dragons be a single unit in a race, far more powerful, and not be able to reproduce.

To a large extent I agree. The best illustration is that when you think of a dragon, you think of one dragon overunning civilizations, not an army of dragons just being rather normal units. Additionally, 'rares' should be a bit different to play, if not easier or harder.

Of course, that's not the only suggestion I'm open to: Please make more! Every suggestion helps, even ones that you might not think would be the best-- We can read through and it can easily help us focus our thinking, and everyone can have good ideas.

(And keep in mind that this is a game that is a remake. It's not the same game, nor is it meant to be the exact same-- If possible, we want it to be better, in every way. Don't keep back a suggestion just because it's currently in, and don't keep back a suggestion just because it's not yet in, or because 'that is how the system currently works'. We're recoding all systems from scratch, so no need to worry about the current ones. :p)
Dragon Suggestions
1. Beings from the depth's of the underground they have been revived by an mage or witch to survive another era of blood and war, they have come to rule over the world as it is today.
2. While they are by their own, they are extremely strong and should be able to at least destroy entire army's and do a great thing for the plot if it was to be a roleplaying game, otherwise it will still be useful for great battles.
3. Dragons can be tamed if the dragon accepts to be so, but only two groups in the world can own a dragon.
4. Dragons can only be made one per week per player, this is basically to forge that players can't just make it for the fun to destroy other units for no apparent reason or just want to do something with it.

Bug Suggestion
1. Become a bug and dig as fast as no one was able to, basically i just wanted this to be a thing because there isn't such a race yet, only for water which is naga.
2. Reproduce with other bugs found while digging, the army of bugs should be able to have an instant choice of going underground and are able to make houses from dirt.
3. Bugs are able to get into enemies and nest into their skulls, basically this will be an entirely different realm to live in or, it can be used as an efficient attack.

Cororph Suggestion
1. A creature which is extremely rare and can morph into any unit seen but still have its stat patron, it will basically be randomized stats from any race or allow the players to choose its stats freely.
2. Able to morph corpses in front of him and devourers with an cooldown based on how much intelligence or magical power he has.
3. Came into existence after a incident which involved many unknown elixirs and potions, no researchers remained after this creature was released.
Implemented stats in the form of attributes and skills, as well as a few procedures for handling them, today.

Debating on whether or not to move this project to its own hub. I want to, on one hand, but on the other.. I did just start, and I'm not making insane progress by any means.
This game was about single unit mayhem when it first started, you needed to build yourself a perfect unit using all the other units you had to trap, breed, and turn.. now this game is a multi unit douche fest with no actual unit health or stature for survival, and you eat through your units like that dirty kid off of Charlie brown probably goes through underwear. To be simply put... bring back trapping, bring back soloing, and for god sakes bring back teleportation. ~Kal~
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LunarSilverStarFan wrote:
This game was about single unit mayhem when it first started, you needed to build yourself a perfect unit using all the other units you had to trap, breed, and turn.. now this game is a multi unit douche fest with no actual unit health or stature for survival, and you eat through your units like that dirty kid off of Charlie brown probably goes through underwear. To be simply put... bring back trapping, bring back soloing, and for god sakes bring back teleportation. ~Kal~

This is interesting. I found Dungeon Master too late to really experience what it was like when it first started (before Sscral's modifications). The game as described above sounds primarily RPG-based, which fits the existing mechanics and overall lack of AI present in the original game very well. However, I've always personally imagined the game as more of an RTS and a definite nod to Dwarf Fortress. It just lacked the AI (and any kind of good coding standards in general) to meet this ideal. Ginseng's Kingdom game (his DM remake that seems abandoned now) took this route, implementing the AI required for units to be less player dependent and more functional as a whole.

This remake really could go either way and still be a successful tribute to Dungeon Master.
Hmm suggestions.

1. The automine feature. On the original game, there was a feature that allowed you to double click a block you wanted to mine/chop/destroy. However it was rather clunky in my opinion, would like to see an easier to use, maybe a drag selection of blocks that your miner would go ahead and deal with so you didnt have to constantly sit there mining and ignoring your other units.

2. Teleport Magic. This definitely has to come back at some point in the game. It was a very handy magic that could get your mage to an allies base in seconds but in some cases it was used to annoy people(people teleporting in and turning your entire base into lava). I think maybe it could be made into a magic based distance consumption thing, where it consumes more mana to teleport longer distances.

3. Better AI. This is usually very tricky to code and implement but most have to admit that the ai in the original game was pretty dreadful. Most stood in place and did nothing till you attacked them and a limited few roamed in set patterns. That kind of ai didnt simulate a proper game entity/life at all and if this remake is mainly rpg based, would be better if the npcs acted, well, more human like.

4. More race ideas. In the original game there were the generic races and in a few servers there was the rare races but to be honest for an rpg world, having the total of around 12 races, some never played by players and having only 4 of them appear as npcs is kind of pointless. You dont have to do this one but it would make the game that tad bit more fun if there were more unique races in the game or that more of the races that were implemented get made into npcs.

5.More Npc Fortresses. This is a definite if you want the game to be rpg like. There was the forts in the original game that player raided/used as a temporary home but in the 1000x1000 map that the game was based in, only 3-4 forts appeared that i found.This is not including places like the black knight camp thing that gave decent gear to players since a long corridor with about 8 units in it is not a fort. Overall i found a human,dwarf and orc, cant remember if i found a goblin one but even then i think only 2 of them were really used by players. There should be more of these forts around the map. The world should be colonised in an rpg and having a small amount of forts on the map and the rest being small camps and wilderness, it doesnt really simulate and rpg.

6. Final suggestion. More world layers and the riddance of chasms or better coded ones at least. Many players like digging and creating their bases but most find it annoying to build underground fortresses 1 layer beneath the world, mainly because they are seriously easy to find sometimes. With the addition of more layers, it makes it harder for enemy players to find your underground sanctuary and gives you the freedom to build whatever your imagination wants. When it comes to Chasms, i suggest getting rid of them or coding them properly. The original games chasms were, sorry for the language, a bitch to deal with if you were building. Your units fell down them for just being near them and if you used a mage to alter the terrain and get rid of the part of the chasm you wanted, your unit would still fall through the altered terrain since the chasms are still coded to be there even when altered. I myself have to say the most annoying thing about them was building stairs down a level with my female starting character only to find out that she has stairs floating in the middle of a chasm and having to restart since i have lost my only women. I say get rid of them, Code them to allow stuff like bridges or alternative methods of crossing them without falling through the bloody ground hah.