Sword Art Online

by Colesprite
Sword Art Online (SAO) is a game loosely based on the original light novel series.
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First off let me explain to you how the whole concept of selling things work, the game selling system and economy system is somewhat more in-depth then most games on byond first off every in game month updates the global economy.

Well what you're thinking is oh wtf why does SAO have a economy and shiz, well this is to pretty much stop people from massively hording ways to get money, for example the mining system in the game you can mine stone and sell it as raw material to earn Col. What this does is to stop players mining up entire fields and selling it in one bunch and practically doing this over and over again and eventually get tons of money to rule over the server.

Yes the more Col you have the more power you have generally speaking. Now dont be afraid the in game economy isnt going to make mining, woodcutting useless actually it will boost them at times, for example each individual npc will have lets say a demand for a certain object lets say stone and they're in dire need of it, and the global economy is needing lots of stone this could actually boost up the price for stone x2 or x3 then its actually worth.

Now since i kinda explained how the economy works now to explain how to earn Col, Col is the universal currency of SAO, now what you may be thinking is for all the Beaters out there, oh killing a few enemies and gain tons of Col easily well killing enemies is the 2nd slowest way of getting money. First slowest is quest, but quest require less work then spam grinding a bunch of enemies in a area.

Resource Gathering: No doubt the easiest way to earn money in the game, resource gathering includes fishing, mining, and woodcutting. Each goes in individual categories such as different rocks like diamonds and topazes.
Mining gives the most Col gains but it is the hardest to get, you'll find stone in caves and such with alot of enemies.
Fishing is the 2nd easiest but it takes the most amount of time with decent Col gains.
And Woodcutting the easiest because of the myriad supply of trees in game.

Item selling: Is the 2nd hardest but gives more Col than Resource Gathering, reason why i said Resource Gathering is the easiest is because of the amount of supplies and you'll guaranteed a decent amount of money and isnt quite effected by the global economy.
Item selling gives the most Col overall depending on the type of items you sell, what you might be asking is what items are good or bad. Well first off rares from enemy drops are the 2nd best and Boss drops are overall out of this world on how much they cost. First boss level drops can be worth 100k-140k.

Quest are a hard way of getting Col depending on the type of quest you're doing, beginner quest arent even worth doing from the amount of Col you get I normally just use beginner quest for easy Skill points.
Upper level quest is a decent way of getting income in game you could earn around 5-10k easily from 3-4 quest.

Overall resource gathering is my type of way of getting money, although after making this guide people will probably hog this shiz out of it. Now each way of getting Col has disadvantages such as time, or strength(aka level) or the actual Global economy but let me tell you this 1 tip Boss drops=instant success because Bosses only spawn once per wipe meaning every boss drop even floor boss 1 is a instant 100k+ in Col and making it a rare item. Although its worth that much money it can make you a huge target in game, especially floors above 20+ which are worth 400k+.
Anyways use this guide to your best of abilities Col can get you super far in the game, Money=Power .