Sword Art Online

by Colesprite
Sword Art Online (SAO) is a game loosely based on the original light novel series.
Well since this game isnt heavily focused on the Manga and the Anime its self Ive added a few interesting things in the game.

This game isnt revolved over LEVEL!!! Its based on stats, level is just a representation for how strong a person is in there stats combined and averaged.
Each stat has its own individual stat mod, which is random(No stat whores e.e), now some people might try to remake and such for all x3 in stats but that wont work and will put you at a huge disadvantage in the game.

First off the games gains are low and slow, although the stronger you get the more power you gain overall, now why i say its bad having all 3x stats first off you wont receive a stat boost when you first make, so all x1 and x2 stat mods can kill you. Although you gain stats faster, because of the low gains it isn't quite show at such a earlier stage of a wipe. Now whats the best stat mod to have is? x2 because you receive the stat boost anddd you have a decent stat mod.
x1 Good in the beginning suckish at the end(Not always tho)
x2 Good through each stage
x3 Terrible in the beginning, good in the end

Is there a way to increase your mod? Yes, certain items which are super rare can boost random stat mods, these items are more event items rather than in game items.

How to get stronger?
As a beginner the fastest way to get stronger is quest, i'm not telling you to spam quest all day long because as soon as you finish the beginner quest you'll be looking at this huge level gap between intermediate and beginner. Finishing the beginner quest is a good way to have good stats to protect your self in the game of SAO because if you die you lose your character(it can be brought depending on how the game master controls the server)
After you finish a few beginner quest, join a party, immediately its best to have all your 4 player slots filled up with a party because you gain x4 amount of stat exp. Around this time you should party and kill monsters around your level after you've gained a decent amount, intermediate quest are the way to go. After you hit intermediate quest levels, you should start searching for the first 3 floor bosses with a party, bosses are alot stronger than normal npcs and mini boss npc, not because of there massive health but also they can use in game skills and control the environment to their needs. Bosses give the best amount of stat boost in the game and items which give good stat boost too.

Sparring is the 3rd best coming after Quest then Party gaining exp, sparring is a easy way to get easy stats, but also a pretty dangerous way because at any moment the person could try to kill you, now i hesitated to add this function because i dont want random people fighting each other in Arincrad because its not what normal people do.
This should give the generalized idea of leveling and stat gains

Skills, skills are very helpful in game combat, SP is gained from killing multiple monsters or sparring alot or just quest, Certain quest can give certain passives or skills such as mining for example which can be given from the blacksmith. Pressing E brings up your skill tree with all the available skills you can learn, i was thinking about adding a learning system from seeing skills you auto learned them but it kinda seemed a bit too overpowered since you could just watch people kill npc and gain skills easily that way. But i've added a teaching system, teaching system teaches the skill at half the mastery than learning it from Skill points for example, i have the skill Sonic Leap, if i learn it from Skill points its at a 50% mastery but if i learn it from being taught its at a 25% mastery, Skills are very hard to master and this should stop tons of people begging other people to teach them skills, now on the other hand the teacher has to be at 100% mastery to teach the skill making it even harder to teach skills.

{These guides were written at 2:00 am i will improve them but i just want players to understand how the game will be like before alpha arrives}
NIIICE BRO its the best lvl system i saw on byond. Every player is unique to others and has his own strenth. i also like the teaching system. I cant wait to play the game :D
Can not wait, I am also looking for people to partay.
Yay, I can't wait XD, dis game gonna be awesome :D