Sword Art Online

by Colesprite
Sword Art Online (SAO) is a game loosely based on the original light novel series.
Sword Art Online is a quite diverse and complicated game system wise. What i mean by this is, theres loads of stuff you can do which is quite easy to learn.

To survive in the game, its best, when i mean best you should do this immediately is not to be a loner and join a guild. I know you guys wanna be like kirito and such but kirito had alot of experience in SAO. Im not saying you can't be a loner im just saying if you want to have the best chances in surviving in this game being in a Guild is the best option.

Now when you first start off the game everything will be new to you, most people even after reading this guide will go all solo mode and a few might survive. Eventually the big guilds in the game will pick them off easily.

Now i hope you guys dont misunderstand the flow of the game, you dont have to be a fighter to be good or even survive you could just be a miner and build up a big amount of income and hire players to kill other players or bosses for you. This game isn't like the rest of the games on byond where oh i train super hard i control the whole damn server. This adds more strategic play into the game.
{Guide will be finished later}
Lol i'ma be a beater already tested it out in the early stages and I'm still following <---Kirito lifestyle who can top me?