So, how would I save a list to a savefile?
My mobs have some vars that are lists.
Using server-side saving, all string/number variables are loaded correctly, but the lists are not --everytime I load my savefile, the list variables are empty.

Is there a way to save a mob's list to its savefile?

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P.S. If I was not clear, forgive me.
P.S.S. I've searched around the forums, but I havent found a thread with this topic. If there is one out there, please link me.
Are you looking for something like this?

Tell me if it doesn't work. I didn't test it out, but it sounded like what you were looking for.
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If your code saves mobs then it should save any lists attached to that mob as well as long as they arent "tmp" variables.

Mine save automatically I've never had a problem with it.
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Sorry for necroposting a bit here, but I'm having the same problem... I figured that the lists would save as regular variables, but they don't. Every time somebody relogs, it clears the list.
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1) Is the variable defined as /tmp (ex: var/tmp/list/X)... if so, remove the /tmp - which makes that variable unsavable (which is useful when you are making references to temp. variables like freezing and mob reference [if a mob reference was saved, there's a huge chance of causing a "roll back" of that mob).

2) Check your save system, you may be accident saving it as null or overwriting it with no contents.
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Not too clear on what you mean by a mob reference, but the variables definitely aren't temporary. The save system saves all of mob's current variables, but I don't see how that could overwrite any of them. :/