Remnants Of Chaos

by Prestige Game Studios
The Remnants are out for retribution, will you join their cause?
Here at PGS we are committed to excellence and community involvement. Right now we are in the process of making a MORPG(Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) and because we are very interested in community feedback and tailoring our games to the needs and wants of our players we wanted to release a demo of our PVP(Player vs. Player) system. Our original plan was to make a very simple demo but that plan has hence expanded into its own MOBA(Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) type mini game. In RoC you will find many familiar qualities but also find some very original concepts. This is a very early release but we wanted to allow Alpha access because we are very interested in community feedback. So please as you play leave any and all feedback of concepts you like or don't like, any bugs you may find, and anything you would like added to the game. Thank you.
Game Details:
RoC is a team based game where combatants fight each other in the process of trying to destroy the other team's Life Tree. Which ever Life Tree is destroyed first that team loses.
Who We Are:
Here at PGS we are just a group of friends who love gaming and wanted to bring the joy of a good, fun game to others. We are a relatively young and inexperienced group but we make up for it with optimism, original ideas, and a commitment to excellence.

A special thanks to all of the developers who have taken the time to put their expertise and ingenuity on the developers page, you all are truly a help to everyone in the byond community.
All of the icons are ripped. You just put in the j_attack library like it was plug and play. Also you took all of the turf from a resident evil rip. Now does this seem original?
I apologize that you are misinformed but no nothing on this game is ripped. The only icons that we didn't make ourselves are the turf icons and the hobgoblins which we got from an open free icon repository. I'm not even sure what the j_attack library your referring is and would be happy to share some of the code with you to enlighten you as so you do not continue spreading ignorance. Thank you.
And while there is no evidence to support your claims I honestly and thoughtfully would like to see the examples of where you say this game is "ripped" from so we can show that you are mistaken. Have a great day.
Ahahahahaha wow well thank you for proving that you have no idea what you are talking about so that we don't have to worry about people being misguided by your absurd comments. I'm going to say its pretty safe to assume you didn't even play remnants of chaos any because our game and that demo are nothing alike whatsoever and I will even post code snippets side by side if I need to. But now that I see that you only joined byond a few days ago I am seeing whats going on, all forums have trolls and I thank you for being our first one. I'm sorry for whatever reason you don't like us but we'd really appreciate it if you stop spreading lies, it will only help out your credibility in the end and safe us time by not having to prove you wrong every step of the way. Thank you! Have a good day!
In response to Zasif
You do notice people can have different accounts. Your game is obviously a rip and you can tell from the icons. Your game looks horrible because the games icons don't match. Also, the game doesn't look like it has good features.
In response to RedSqUiDy
Dude enought just because you suck at life doesn't mean you need to troll people, if you don't like what you see move on and enought of it. Or Im slap you with my manz bewbs.
Dude don't worry about him Zasif, trolls are going to troll. He can say all he wants because he tried to prove his point and was completely wrong so he has no credibility now. He made accusations but as everyone can see he couldn't back it up and so now he is just known as a troll and liar.
You can also see that he won't post anything with his main account(if he has one) because he doesn't want that one to lose credibility as well. He probably made this account just to troll. It's alright though because as childish as it may seem I love winning arguments and he is providing me with a ton of wins.
would be better if you didn't need a target to do basic attacks or skills
Hello Remnants! I first want to thank everyone who has tried out RoC and a special thanks to those that have given us some really good feedback and suggestions. And to just clarify yes we are still developing RoC. We know it seems like much hasn't changed just little things here and there but we officially wanted to announce that we are going to be releasing a major update soon!! Probably the best way to describe the update is that we are going to make RoC more into a traditional MOBA. We are developing a new map that will be more structured to the traditional 3 lanes with interiors in between. We have updated the ai to be more intuitive and behave more like moba enemies and we will be adding more towers. Along with those major changes there will be more subtle ones like optimizing the skills and changes to some of the core mechanics like adding click to move and others. We will also be adding what we like to call Match Loyalty Points or MLP for short and basically how you get these points is by finishing a whole game. Then with these points you will be able to buy permanent in-game content like expansion classes and weapons. We believe MLP will not only help grow the game but also keep people from quitting matches early making the game a better experience overall. Thank you everyone and we hope to see you in game soon!
And obviously the update is still in development so if anyone has any comments or suggestions to the changes being made please let us know! Thanks!