So I'm in need of a multi tiled monster, and I was just curious as to how to do it.

The icons are:


first u should post this in code problems not here
/usr this for the body
pixel_y = 32
layer = 3243

/use this for the head
pixel_y = 64
layer = 3243

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But I didn't know HOW to do it.
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I know someone's probably gonna yell at me for doing this wrong in some way but it's how I coded it for my game and it works.
I added this code right at the bottom of my mob code:
src.overlays = null //I only wanted one overlay so I cleared them first
src.overlays += new/obj/top
icon = 'mytopicon.dmi'
density = 0 //so my top part walks over things
layer = MOB_LAYER+2
pixel_y = 32
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The ..() needs to be within New(). Also, setting overlays to null within New() is pointless (actually, it would be harmful if DM didn't actually let you do that), it'll be empty anyway. Additionally, the density of the overlay is somewhat useless. Also, you should be storing a reference to the head in a variable so that you can remove or change it later.
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First off, you're right. I missed the spacing on that.

Second, I wasn't sure about it so I cleared the overlays first. In the case of this mob my top was never going to change so I made it permanent but I do agree that in most cases it should be referenced for later editing.

Third, Since this was the head of a character, I wanted to make sure that whether there was a dense object on the map (building or another mob) that this image would be able to pass through. I have a terrible looking golf cart in another game that I made into 4 tiles that I didn't set density on and ended up parking halfway through buildings. I have since set density on any object that could have density that cannot be avoided (change on the ground can have 0 density and still be ok).