Dragonball Z: Resurectoin Of Two Legends

by CrazyDog
Dragonball Z: Resurectoin Of Two Legends
Welcome to the world of Resurectoin Of Two Legends
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Mini Update List


1.Tournament Reward Fixed (if someone dont get the lvl with tp report it).

2. Some NPC's State the requirements so if you find a NPC not telling you what

you must have let me know and ill alter it.

3. Boost Guide! Req's & Multies!!!! (head to game guide!!!!)

4.Level Up Exp Is: 2x

5. lvl Gain Is: lvl/2

6.Transformation ajusted to low lvl Req(if ther 1 still too high or give high stats report)

7.DBZ Reward Changed


For Req , Bugs And Suggetion pls post it in HUB thx.

----More UPDATE Comming SOON----