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Congratulations Yut Put, Ter13, and D4RK3 54B3R!

Hello again everyone!

This is the announcement post for the BYOND Game Jam this summer! Due to the popularity of all my past contests and the lack of developer contests lately I've decided to host another one!

Big thanks to EnigmaticGallivanter for the kickass website!
EnigmaticGallivanter has revamped my website to aid me in keeping all relevant information in one place along with having plenty of space to put developers livestream embeds for participants who would like to stream their participation in the event. (Please install the font Dina before viewing the website. It looks so much better!)

Awesome People (Donators)
Wanna support the Contest? Click here to donate

Donators                            Prizes

Teka123 $ 60.00 1st Place $125.00
DarkCampainger $ 60.00 2nd Place $75.00
Oasiscircle $ 50.00 3rd Place $50.00
EnigmaticGallivanter $ 30.00
Magicmann $ 20.00
W12W $ 10.00
Akto $ 10.00
Raimo $ 10.00
Total $250.00


The rules are also outlined on the website but in case you just don't want to read them there, the rules are also here:

IMPORTANT: You must comment below if you are competing in the contest and if you are competing in a team comment who the leader of the team is and who your teammates are! If you are streaming your participation be sure to include your twitch/livestream/other stream service url.

There will be three themes released on the day that the contest starts.
The contest will start on Saturday the 19th at 12:01am and will end on Sunday the 20th at 11:59pm. All times are in US Central (GMT-5).
All submissions must be made before the deadline and must be delivered to either my Skype or my Email which are both in the Contacts page.
Teams are allowed, the money will be sent to the leader of the group and they are responsible for distribution of the winnings.
There will be three winning submissions with 1st Place taking 50% of the Prizes, 2nd Place taking 30% of the Prizes and 3rd Place taking 20% of the Prizes. Rounding will be upward towards the higher place.
All resources that you use within your game must be either made within the timeline of the contest or be public domain for longer than a month. No using private libraries or fresh public domain.
You must use at least ONE theme and it must be used in a way that shows that design decisions were made in order to fit the theme. In other words, if the theme is "Bear" then making the main character be a Bear in an otherwise unthemed RPG is not an acceptable use of theme.
Voting will take place over the next two weeks after the contest is completed. Donators and Developers will choose an ordered list of the Top 3 games that were submitted. If there is a team of developers, only the leader will be allowed to vote. When voting, you're not allowed to choose your own entry in your Top 3 choices.
If you're planning on streaming the event, either partially or in it's totality, contact me about getting your stream embedded on the website for maximum exposure.


Make sure to keep a close eye on this thread, because I'm hoping for it to be very active with content, information, updates, and participants posting pictures/videos of their submissions to give the people a small taste of what you're doing.

In addition to all of the developing and management of the contest I will be posting a couple of videos to keep everyone updated mid-contest how everything is going in addition to a few *hopefully* funny videos about what me and my team will be going through during our development trials. You are encouraged to do the same, in a style similar to a vlog/update! Anything that is submitted to me will for sure make it either on the website, in the thread, or both! Doing this will not only make the contest more fun but will also increase a sense of community surrounding the event. It is by no means necessary but I'd love to see anything anyone makes. :) For instance, I plan on getting some footage from my teams ceremonial "4am walk to the park".

Also important is sharing this thread, the more people that compete the more fun this event will be as a whole! I'd love to see as many participants as possible! :)

So mark the date in your calendars and I hope to see you all compete! :)


Here is a complete list of all developers that will be competing in the contest:

// Names next to asterisks (*) will be livestreaming!

Yut Put
Bravo1 //He's reporting for duty.
*D4RK3 54B3R
Kidpaddle45 //WOHOO!!
Gooseheaded //MWTB, DLTR
Digits+UPD4T3 //He's in there.
Zecronius //The Duke is here.
Akto //boy
*Mr. Goober //ZZRR
Magnum2k+Mechanical Demon+Xyberman
Chris Gayle
Grand Mopa
Aridcircle //The shadow haunting my night.
Neo Berserker
Vrocaan //can

If you have any questions/concerns as always feel free to leave them below or ask them to me directly.
Thanks so much and good luck to all developers! :)
Bravo1 reporting for duty.
Kozuma3 + Me + Myself + I
I'm in
Gooseheaded + Tom + Dan.

Mess with the best, die like the rest.
In response to Gooseheaded
Gooseheaded wrote:
Mess with the best, die like the rest.

This man deserves a medal for this quote. One of my favorites!
Yut Put wrote:
if tom actually participated in a byond game jam i'd love to see what he'd make
Fine, I'll try my luck at it. It's likely that I'll get at least one other teammate for art. I'll comment an update if that happens.
In response to Fugsnarf
Welcome aboard Fug! :)
I won't be participating, however, I wanted to say good luck to current and future participants.
i'm in. excited :D
In response to Lige
Thanks Lige! :)
Put me down, I'm in. Let's do this.
In response to Digits
You're in there!
Time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I'm all out of gum.

Count me in.
In response to Zecronious
There it is. Welcome to the squad! :)
I may give this a shot. I haven't coded in forever, but a simple creative game can still be fun. : )
Mwuahahaa! *cracks knuckles* Looks like I have to code again. Put the name Akto on that list, boy.
Guess I will take part in the jam.
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