Bleach Orion

by YasuShy
Bleach Orion
Bleach online game based off Bleach WWA
Make your list for buffs and nerfs of everything you can think.
Nerf - Mayuri, mayuris poison is a bit much considering its a percentage of the person that is poisoned health. It also stuns and stacks. Just a basic lowering of the % or making it stack twice at max would be fine I guess.
Nerf - Kido corp skills- its best if you test itto kasu and determine if it needs nerf, raihou is the equivalent of ulquiorras sig skill so if that gets a nerf ulquiooras sig needs one also, the rest of skills are fine.
General Stuff
--Reduce Damage inflicted by Vandereich NPCs. Even with a 7.9k+1.8k boost they are hitting 400k a hit.
--Remove Shunko purchasability from Arrancar, Quincy, and Fullbring.
--Make Sharingan only obtainable by Earth Races and Arrancar.
--Shift balance between Wounds and Damage of most moves (If a move inflicts massive wounds like Outrage, Throw, Etc it should do very little actual damage for instance).
--Stun Effects need to be un-applicable during KO'd status.

Zanpakuto/Kido Class
--Reduce Stun Rate of basic F Attack with Mayuri Bankai to 35%, this will make it roughly 50% with passive.
--Improve damage modifier of Mayuri Signature Skill by 0.75x, reduce self-inflicted stun to two seconds to allow more versatility with the technique.

--Byakuya flower-sword strike should have max damage reduced greatly, due to being able to inflict a fair amount of wounds almost instantly.

--Jomon: Reduce time the technique is maintained. Additionally, have it seal Rikujokoru and Negacion along with Melee.
--Shakkahou: Apparently does less damage than Soukatsui, So maybe make it deal more wounds?
--Tenran: Add an additional pushback effect similar to that of Grimmjow's 3-tile move.

--Shunko: Add a Rei Damage boost, to extend usefulness to all Shinigami and not just Attack or Attack/Rei zans.
--Make Shunko Boost equivalent to Sharingan
--Prevent Shukno from flashing out of certain moves (Tousen Dome, Senkei, Jomon for example)

--Grimmjow should have reduced damage on the 3-tile pushback move, however it should have a wound range of 3~8
--Improve wounds on Grimmjow ress' F key basic attack to 1~8, bring damage down closer to the modifier of Mayuri's F key basic attack.

--Grant Nnoitora Users the ability to benefit from Limb-Breaking passives, except for Core Strike.
--Nnoitora Release gains a 0.1x Def boost for every 20 wounds up to 100 wounds.

--Rei Energy costs on El Directo and La Muerte may need some looking at (Not 100% sure)

--Dirty Boots Fullbring overhaul -- Attack boosted by 0.5x per hit, maximum of 5 times, rather than based on wounds.
--Dirty Boots 'Boost' resets if KO'd.
--Add a natural 1.5x Def boost to Dirty Boots (For synergy with the Attack Boost overhaul)
o Should take a look at the Quincy's Split Arrow and Rapid Shot skills, the damage they do seem strange.

o Not many Passives within the Passive Tree are not "flexible" for Races (for instance, there exists "Rank Boost" for Shinigamis and "Hierro" for Arrnacars. Nothing for Sados, Fullbringers, Vaizards, nor Quincies).

o Quincy Skill, "Sprenger Pentagram" is currently very impractical for combat. Should be made easier to activate; reduce the damage on it if need be.

o Tousen's Benihikou / Normal attacks seem to blind far too often. Should probably reduce it to only happen with Benihikou, at a 30% Chance, based on the user's Base Attack (may need a cap on the actual number). Furthermore, people can easily lock onto the user inside Tousen's Bankai Skill, and the user himself cannot actually lock onto a player inside it as easy ("R" doesn't work often, and clicking doesn't work period).

o Quincy's being able to choose an "array of variable arrows" needs to be done away. Arrow damage should remain the same while carrying some effect (slowing and draining Reiatsu), or have no effect and deliver more damage instead.

o All forms of binds should be breakable by having the "victim" use Spiritual Pressure. When used in this way, the Spiritual Pressure will not affect people around it and slow them, but just shorten the time in the bind (if the average binding time was 4 seconds, that time is slashed by the following formula: round_up(((User's Reiatsu Energy / 2) + (User's Reiatsu Damage / 2)) / 1000). If the value from the formula is less than 1, set it to 1, if more than half the bind's time, set it to half that bind's time (therefore, in this case, 2). This will also happen with Vaizard's Screech. Note: That formula may have to change (become more difficult to cap) depending on the user's Level (as it is a safe assumption that the higher the level, the more Reiatsu Energy they would have).

o Friendly Fire in Events should not occur. Have Players associated into lists and before performing actual damage to a player (most likely through the Bump()), ensure that 1, it is an event where Teams are a core part (CTF, Ichigo Event, Reigai, Race Wars), and 2, the person the player has "Bumped into", is not within the same Team (list), as the "Bumper". If he isn't, then the "Bump()" will continue as normal; however, if he is -- Then the "Bump()" will return nothing (that is, not attack).

o Stun Passive should work for Quincies' normal arrows, Split Arrow, and Rapid Shot, given that it's hard to hit a moving target with only normal arrows to stun.

o Volcore for Quincies do no damage currently, only push back the target.

o Just remembered: Quincy's arrows can destroy some turfs (squad buildings in SS for example) temporarily. Should stop them from being able to do that.

o Another thing: It is quite annoying that upon death within an Event or the end of an Event, that Toggle Skills do not "Turn Off" correctly. That is, one would remain within their Toggled State (Shikai, Bankai, Ress, Sharingan, Final Form, etc), but not gain the Boosts of that form. Either have it leave them within that Toggled State with Boosts inclusive, or take out of that Toggled State altogether without the Boosts. This "bug" (if that's what it is), usually causes a person to have to toggle the states "off" properly and then back on, which may be difficult given that some states have a delay on when you can toggle them on to off, or off to on.
@Yoren's point 2 --

TBH should add a passive called 'Reishi Conversion' for Quincy which gives them a 5/10/15/20/25% chance (5 ranks total) of draining 3% of the targets Rei energy with normal arrows and splitting arrows. Possibly at the cost of 3 PP per rank.
Alos, something I apparently missed above.

--Kenpachi's F key melee does far too much wounds to offset the Damage it deals in Bankai. (1~4 wounds presumably without Pierce passive). Considering it will almost always 1-3 hit KO due to it's obscene damage, no wounds should be inflicted in Bankai.

--Spammy Bankai Dome should not be able to proc stun.

--Attack Delay should be unable to go lower than 3.

Sado moves La muerte and Bull Arm can both be wasted without hitting anything, They should not use "attempts" unless they hit something.

Sado's moves La Muerte rei cost should be lowered to 3000 el directo to 1000 instead of 2000 and bull arm should be lowered to 7500 instead of 11000
Sado boost should be 2.5x attack and 2.5x defense because of lack of binds and stuns that shini's vaiz and other races have.

Sado's move reflect doesn't reflect for as long as it's supposed to. It only works on one move then you have to wait 30 seconds to use it again.

Nerf hitsugaya's wound damage to atleast 0-2 per hit.
Hitsugaya's wound damage on hyoro should be nerfed to atleas 1-4 non pierce.
either that or give it a higher c/d.


Lower grimjows attack by 15-25% and give him chance to do 2-4 wounds a hit not including pierce.

Would vote on the higher C/D for Hitsugaya, tbh his zan seems more like a stun+wounds zan.

Would say nerf the actual attack damage before taking a look at the wounding power. (See: Part of my general balance suggestion, to look at the overall weight of techs/zans towards wounds or damage)
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Volcanica should have 2 more moves called Heat Blast 10% chance to burn the target and Heat Slash witch you gain after using heat blast 200 times. Heat Blast cd is 5 seconds
Heat Slash is 15 seconds. Heat slash would kinda be like urahara's slash but more firey, and also its 3 tiled does about the same damage as a Cero.
Heat slash will also have a 15% chance to burn the target.
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