So far I've been messing with the new 4.0 icon system and I've been messing around with the big icons, importing png's that I made myself so see if they would show up all big. They did, but it was disappointing to see that the atom wasn't one huge thing all by itself, but tons of small atoms of the png itself. And then I wanted to see if I made the clients icon the same as the big picture and it got shrunk way down to a 32x32 icon.

Is there a way to make one huge icon the users icon without it shrinking? And for bigger objects, can you get it to act as one HUGE object and not a bunch of small ones?
If you create a new dmi file, you can set the size of the icons in that file, you cant edit them in DM but you can use external programs and just copy/paste.
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I've done that, but the PLAYERS icon will always be 32x32 no matter what I do... that's what I'm trying to figure out how to fix.