by Magicbeast20
Take part in the epic quest for power in this Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game! Fight with Guilds in Raids. Plunder others in PvP Arenas. Trade for power. The choice is yours.
Keywords: files, host, raid, release
Yo, I haven't been on here in a while and I figured what the hell? I worked on this game for a good year and put a lot of work and dedication into it. Please don't hate, I was 14-15 when I made this game, and just this past weekend found the old files and decided to release them. I don't intend on working on this game any further because my other projects are intended to have a more professional design.

I'll admit its not my greatest project ever, but it was a fun learning experience for my future games. If at least one person finds this game remotely enjoyable then I'll have succeeded. Enjoy!

If the download link fails click here.