Pokemon Onyx

by Crazah
Pokemon Onyx
Explore the greatest Pokemon game BYOND has to offer!
Sorry Wasn,t Finsh

Pokemon Onyx is now an open alpha! Thanks for helping testers!
Applicable key: Goku509
Age: 19
Available hours: Summer break so like 24/7
Previous development experience? Y Small development experience
More info: My Pokemon Go team is filled with 5 Magikarps and 1 gyarados cuz I couldn't stop the evolution.
Applicable key: Ironjitsu
Age: 21
Available hours: Differs based on the week.
Previous development experience? (Y/N) Y
More info: Been on Byond dev. teams for 5+ years. Computer Science background, as well as a novice pixel artist. Not to mention, I know you.
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