(See the best response by Lige.)
is ther any modorator who review games to publish in the games section ??
There's quite a few moderators that list hubs. What can I help you with?
well if i dont wrong i listed my game for review last week
some one got to it yet or thers alot befor me in line ?
Nobody is ahead of you, we generally list games as they come in. The problem with your hub is that it's Dragon Ball Z which is an existing IP that we don't list due to a C&D we received from FUNimation a few years ago.
you dont list dbz games at all or the ip im hosting from is not allowed to list fanimation games?
Best response
We don't list DBZ hubs.
oh ok thx
No IP is allowed to host funimation games they own the licence for distribution of dragonball z games..
For clarity, "IP" here refers to intellectual property, not your IP (internet protocol) address.