Age of Magic - Fairy Wars

by Zagros5000
Age of Magic - Fairy Wars
Coming this soon.
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We've done a lot so I've probably missed some stuff but here's a summary of some updates that have been completed this week (we've been working hard for this update). We're getting ready to host the game 24/7 after we do some important updates, bug tests, and balancing.

*edit: I'm on summer vacation now so I have a lot more time on my hands.

If any pixel artists or GFXers would like to help us out please page me or add my skype, helpers can be compensated through Paypal if desired.

Just want to say a thanks to Boxcar for letting me use his beautiful art resources

Added party interface instead of inputs *was testing you can't actually join party multiple times*

-Bonus exp given depending on how full your party is *max of 5 people in one party

-Placed chests around the world that contain recipes,jewels, and gear. Some chests require special magic to open while others require the player to maneuver around obstacles with certain spells,crossing hazards, or breaking boulders with spells.

Added a guild territory system, there are 6 elemental crystals you can fight over; in order to capture them you must either destroy them then convert them by attacking or you must rest near it for a long period of time. Once you're guild has captured a crystal all of your guild members get 25 elemental points every 10-minutes dependent on which elements u have captured.. You can warp to crystals you have captured with a 5 minute cool down. *we need an artist to create crystal icons currently we're using the same icon but recolored and scaled.* You can use element points to add elemental boosts and resistance to armor and weapons, can also be used for guild leaders to cast strong elemental spells.
To be added: Guilds can upgrade there crystal while defending them with guild funds and hire Guardians provided they have sufficient guild funds to guard them from other guilds
The water crystal

Void crystal

Light crystal

Earth crystal

Wind crystal

Fire crystal

-Added some verbs to GUILD for guild leaders and members. respec is a guild verb, usable after level 50 and only once. regains the points spent on a char
-Guild verb for boosting EXP by 25% for a while.(lasts 2 hrs)
-Guild verb for gaining 1 extra stat point per level up for guild members.(lasts 1 hr)
-Added a quest to help players find their new guild
-Working on adding longer quests to guild request board
-New guild interface

-Character Customization screen made visual instead of inputs; used animations of each class using some skills *still need backgrounds and sounds however*

-Coliseum added with different playable modes including 1v1, free-for-all, a survival pve option, and a wave pve option. in the future we'll add team death matches, team waves, and a tourny system
Coliseum exterior

Coliseum Lobby

-Passive system integrated, there are plenty of passives to choose from and upgrade now, currently the only way to get passive points is by leveling up, there will be other methods added later. *these are all animated*

-Death magic, Teleport magic, classes added;Barrier magic, Crash magic and Doll Possesion magic to be added.

-Battle mage skills added for heavens wheel armor and gigant armor *gigant armor icon still in progress, thanks Connor* currently 5 skills for each set of armor.

-Holy sage class made a lot more visually pleasing, given a bind as well.

-3 New areas with new NPCS

-Equipment system integrated into game fully, you can now buy equipment from shops or make them yourself with ingredients through alchemy

-Equipment enhancing fully integrated, can be done through alchemy if you have the required recipe and sufficient ingredients

-Option to skip tutorial *not recommended you miss out on a bit of experience

-All monsters given a different set of skills that they can now use depending on the situation *still need some icons for certain NPCs as there are a lot, appreciate any artists willing to help

-Monsters can no longer roam into certain places or stray to far from there spawns

-Organized areas with monsters a bit more

-Went back and fixed old systems

-You can no longer cast spells when running is toggled, this was added to add a bit more strategy to PVP. edit*made it so ur run toggles off after u cast a spell to make it less confusing.

-New Beastman icons for ultimate beast there are currently 5 different beasts you can choose from each currently only have 2 skills

-Rest bug fixed

-Fixed the NPC's at the beginning

-You can now Rename The gear you wear

-Added osbstacles that require spells to get around them.

-Added a spell orb object. Buying spell orbs will teach you the spellcard skill inside of it when used.
-Added spell orbs for the stuff like boost aura and boost magic.
-Added Healing orbs as well.

-Added Chest HUNTER and Unlock Spells for mystic chests.

-Fixed the issues with the Magdalene Quests.

-Fixed an issue with quests not updating until several seconds after you complete them.

-Added a few items that will slightly increase the players stats permanently.(very rare)

If you guys want anything specific added just suggest it or art it:P
Very nice work, keep it up!
A-MAZ-ING... I can't wait =)
thanks mates, going to bed night
Interesting lots of updates. Really improving the game.

EDIT: Just now on summer break O_O? People already going back to school lol.
Haha I know, had summer school, was taking an early course lol I decided to drop it though.Had a hard marker
Pool party? Summah time ina kingstahn?
Ah wow Zagross, the game looks very nice :) Good work, I really like it.
I just love the way the icons look! HD OP :3