DawnCaster Infestation

by Ter13
Rid the HMS DawnCaster of the alien menace!
My entry for BYOND Game Jam 2014, a first-person raycasting shooter made in a little under 36 hours.

Programming & Art: Ter13 (Terrey West)
Music: Matthew Pablo
Sound: Stephen M Cameron
Pretty badass, although these are what I get in hardware and software mode...



I tried capturing gifs, but blurry video and gifs don't mix well...
Unfortunately, there isn't a lot I can do about that. It's down to how BYOND plays with transformations and your specific hardware configuration.

The person to complain to would be Lummox, because it isn't remotely blurry on my Win7 x64, Nvidia 660GTX machine.
Yeah, I didn't figure it was a you issue, just saying ;)

EDIT: And I am using a 6 year old laptop that wasn't top end when I bought it...
I really wish BYOND rendered the same across all supported hardware in hardware mode. It really should. Out of curiosity, what's your graphics card/ windows version?
Went ahead and updated this to reflect my changes. I've fixed some minor bugs, and allowed turning using the arrow keys.
Might only be five years old...

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition 64-Bit
Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family
That's why. It's an intel GPU, not an Nvidia or a Radeon. Intel is notorious for not supporting nearly anything.
It's the same for me, sadly. I use windows xp and have a decent Radeon graphics card.
Can I get the exact chipset of your GPU? I plan to submit all the blurry GPUs to Lummox.
Here you go. First off, this is my crappy computer:


And here's my graphics card:

That's a Radeon HD6670. We're only talking 2 years old... Hopefully Lummox can pin these down.
Yeah, I hope so as well. I had an issue with graphics a few months back but I fixed it somehow by turning off hardware display and then turning it back on.
Would be more fun if you could maybe move the camera with your mouse
Wow, this is great! :) Do you have any plans to expand on this post-contest? Would you open source this?
I get the same exact blurriness that Flick posted and I have an NVIDIA Geforce GT 525M
Ditto on the blurry, and I've never had an issue of blurry anything on BYOND before outside of Scale()'ing things up using transform, but that's interpolation.

Also an Intel GPU, mobile series 4 I think, device manager is being vague.
Yeah, the only time I get blurriness issues is with the new atom.transform, which is what I'm pretty sure he said he's using for this game.
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