by Yut Put
Assault Vehicle Interstellar Armadas! A combination of Fire Emblem and Mega Man Battle Network!
This is pretty much what happens with the bug when the npc tries to move but you are in the way, seems to only happen in the raven level on gamma blocks it seems.
Updated with a patch to that bug.
Lots tougher with the new AI :)

I was a Raven fighting a Raptor, and I managed to get knocked off the back of the board so I was offscreen. Not sure exactly what happened... I couldn't use the arrows to get back on, but I used his 'x' move to go forward, which brought me back on the board, and stayed there.
Updated with fixes to the raptor bug Flick mentioned and the Raven bug where it would be able to move after taking damage(ravens no longer receive hitstun while charging attacks)
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