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A BYOND bug (link) introduced in 506.1245 has been causing the game to crash from the crafting system (and probably other situations).

It has been fixed for the next BYOND release, but until then, if you want to host, you'll have to downgrade to the 1244 build (link).
It's no longer a problem.
Still is.
Crafting shouldn't be causing crashing in any BYOND 507 build, as long as the server is using 507 Dream Daemon/Seeker, but maybe it needs to be compiled with 507 Dream Maker for the fix to take effect.

Could you try this newer version? It should be what I was hosting with, and I never had crafting-related crashing. If it works well, I might just update the hub download.

I don't think I'm able to host anymore due to living on campus, so it would be nice if the general public could actually host and play the game without any big issues.
Might as well try hosting 24/7, got nothing better to do. There are pre-added/coded in admins, right?