I Don't Give a Duck: Shit Happens

by Akto
Finally, it is here. Le update!

I Don't Give a Duck: Shit Happens (Version 1.5)

Updated Content

-The color palette has been changed. It was very dark and just plain ugly, these colors are nice and refreshing.

-Duck speed has been changed. This will be further changed in version 2 as aging will increase the ducks base speed. Currently there is no speed difference between duck age stages.

-Very few breakable objects were added into the game to test their value and other fancy things. They give points for breaking them.

-Carrots have been added. These give the duck a 5 second speed boost. The speed does stack.

-Ramming into trees now shakes the tree causing it to drop any items it may be hiding. Currently only carrots drop from the trees. I know it makes a lot of sense.. Carrot trees! (Will be changed in version 2)

-Visual objects were added to the game: Lily-pads, Cattails, and pebble bridges.

-Oh yeah. Added a top hat option.

Bug Fixes

-The game should be actually playable now.

-Score is more accurate.
Where is Dr. LeQuack?
If you get 6000 points he will be unlocked.