I will need to put a HP bar in my game, but the highest (nax)HP value will be changing. so I was wondering if someone could give me a code on how to make it so the HP bar increases/decreases using percents. like if you are punched and it will realize that your hp is less than 80% and change according to that. thanks.
current health / max health = the percentage between 0 and 1 (using decimals).

If you want it to be a value from 0 to 100, just times that value by 100.

Then simply make your health bar's icon_state be set to the resulting percentage.
make if statements
for example:
if (HP = 0)
flick "0HP"
if (HP = 1)
flick "1HP"
if (HP = 2)
flick "2HP"

do that all the way to one hundred although if i were you i would do it by increments of ten instead of doing every single one.
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Bad idea, what if it is more than 100? Elation's post is more worthy of an idea than this
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Can you show that to me in a code?