Age of Magic - Fairy Wars

by Zagros5000
Age of Magic - Fairy Wars
Coming this soon.
List of important guides: t15-guide-about-equipment-and-enchanting#20 t9-age-of-magic-starting-guide

Added 3 new shops
Spell shop now has crystals there for sale as well.
Fixed issue with spell orbs not being able to be used (oops)
Added a verb to remove items from inventory.
Fixed an error with synthesis crystals that allows them to be spammed.
Made it so you must un-equip items before you use synth crystals(many people were complaining that they weren't seeing benefits for modding armor-it's because the armor was equipped at the time of modding)
Need skill icons for HP Orb, Osmose Orb and the omega versions.
Right click now brings up a menu where applicable for items.
Rolling over items shows their descriptions now.

to be added: working on the list of complaints/suggestions