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Could you tell me whats wrong with my guild house i'm trying to make it for AOM but the shadow doesn't feel right I would like to know what you guys think about it.
Josh1014 wrote:
Could you tell me whats wrong with my guild house

The shadow o.o
The shadow should define the shape of the building. No part of the building is rounded so why is the shadow?
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Im not sure how to make a shadow squareish T.T
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Josh1014 wrote:
Im not sure how to make a shadow squareish T.T

Maybe try making it even at least? o:

Update to it what do you guys think of this one?
You should probably review this for reference. It should help you quite a bit.
I have permission to use the art I'm using lol and why are you even talking all the games you've made are trash yet u hate on anyone who makes a game
Edit:nice skyrim/super smash bros/Zelda fangame lol making a game based off an already existing game is even worse than a fangame
Pretty sure u even had a pokemon rip at one point too
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There's no point in arguing with him. All he does is talk trash and blame all his faults on the BYOND engine itself. Everything he says is complete trash and that's why he has nothing original to show.
Please do not get off topic, the main topic is trying to fix up my guild house.
Obviously a quick example, but you have to design your buildings in the correct perspective, and take into account depth. Even if this building was for a sidescroller, it is extremely flat.

If its for an 3/4 perspective game, you have to think how you would see the top and sides of each piece of the building.

Damn dat edit.
Thanks Boxcar for showing me an example and telling me the building was too flat, i'l take that in consideration and use your image as reference if you don't mind.
yeah , josh its good to keep atominy and perspective of obj in mind . before it looked more like a side scroller house , now it looks more like a TILED_ICON_MAP house.
TILED_ICON_MAP house lmao?
no dummy lol , i mean like for a game with a map format such as that.
No one uses that format anymore lol. If your still using that somethings wrong with you.
ritee >.>
message me on skype real quick.
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God box, I started staring at your edit and got hypnotized by it, literally sat here moving my head up and down with it for like 5 minutes.
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