Bleach Rising Tide

by InsidPro
Roll-based Roleplay Game

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350 10% (2)
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700 10% (2)

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Please say in bold text at the start of your post what figure you are applying for.

All applications are expected to include or have the following:

1) A rough plan of what you intend to do over the course of the wipe.

2) A brief roleplay sample to prove your quality and motivation.

3) Your geographical location

4) Two players to elect as helpers(such as Senior Captain, Aizen Helpers) when the wipe commences.
1)I plan on helping any hollow at adjuucha evolution or up to gain arrancar.

2)Aihara stepped towards the Vasto Lorde, he placed his hand on the hollow's mask. The orb that was fused into his hand gives off a dark ominous glow that begins to remove the Vasto's mask as Aihara starts to pull his hand off the Vasto Lorde's mask.

3)US, more specifically I live in Texas.

4)Gohan225(Azazel) is going to be one and the other is Shade.
Captain Commander
1)As captain commander my main plan for the wipe will be to bring shinigami up to scratch so that they are able to fight aswell as perform other tasks. I.E Research. However, aswell as the usual dutys, combating hollow, making souls cross over ecetera. I would also like them to combat humans with powers, seeing as my CC will see them as threats to our kind.

Basically I wish to start wars with anything not Shinigami out of fear that they may be a threat.
sighed as he raised his hand in the general direction of Sera, his eyes narrowing towards the woman as he spoke to the three trainee he had just graduated for no real reason. "Now, the first of the Kidou I teach is Sai. Its a Bakudo you can use to restrain an opponent based on the power you put into it." Akira uttered, keeping his hand out straight. "You must make sure you have your target in sights and have your hand aimed towards them for the Kidou to work." Akira muttered, his voice was still calm and collected like always.
"Follow my words completely here, this is the chant you will need to say in order for the Bakudo to take effect." Akira muttered, he was kind of rushing through the explination of this particular Kidou. "Bakudo Number One, Sai!" Akira roared, with that Sera's arms would be forced up behind her back. The Kidou taking its full potentiol and rendering her unable to use her arms at all. "Notice how her arms are now bound? She won't be able to move them untill I release the Kidou." Akira uttered, clicking his fingers as he spoke. With that, she would be released.
Akira's hand stayed in the same place, facing towards Sera before he stopped. Pondering for a second before re-locating his palm towards Ikkitake. "I am sorry for using you two as dummys, but I need to get this over with." Akira muttered, narrowing his eyes once more. "Now, this Kidou is a little different. It is still a Bakudo but its more of a way of forcing an opponent away from you without having to use brute strength." Akira spoke, his tone managed to stay calm even though his was rushing through three Kidou. Even then they all seemed to be performed with such style and power that most could not dream of matching. "Bakudo Number Three, Shou!" Akira roared.
Ikkitake would have found himself pushed back by a small Kinectic force, being as Akira hadn't put too much of his power into it. "You caught the chant of this, right?" Akira questioned before continuing without a responce. "The next Bakudo is a little more complicated. Its a way of deffending against an attack and temporarily paralysing an opponent for a short ammount of time and I mean short." Akira chuckled. "Bakudo Number Eight, Seki." Akira whispered, his voice was clear so they would all catch the words he was speaking. "I hope you're catching all of this.." Akira uttered.
The Bakudo kicked into effect as he spoke. A tiny orb of blue energy had formed in the palm of Akira's hand. "Do one of you wish to strike it and feel the effect or is that all?" Akira questioned, this time he waited for a responce.

3) If this is in game..Naturally in the soul society. If this means my actual location United Kingdom.

4) Id actually like to test the people who are wanting to become shinigami first. To find suitable roleplayers who can assist me, since my timezones may conflict with certain players. But I'd like Either Shade or Sanguis to be one of my SC's.

1) As a Shinji Figure, I plan to mostly, hide in secret, though my personality could change if provoked or criticized enough, but if needed I would go out sometime, and train some people who deem worthy of mastering their inner hollow and becoming a Visored, but still being friendly to
others, however they would need to prove to me if they are good enough, however I would have a list of rules from them, if the rule broken is serious, this could result in banishment. Also, in their Inner hollow training, I'd lock them in a room while the master the hollow inside of them, so that they don't break lose and start devouring souls, however if the in training Visored goes loose and becomes a full hollow, I would have to kill it quickly, regardless of who. But my real plan is to train Visored and prepare them for any form of combat. depending on how other people treat the Visored, I may form a temporary alliance with them, just not hollows, however they have acted, it could be permanent, And second to last of all I will try to populate the Visored race no matter what, but after a certain amount, it may get harder. Now last of all, if for some sort of reason, mainly referring about the past, I am wanted to any sort of race or not, I would probably try to ally with them, depending on how they are.

2)Saito smirked, as he tipped his hat down, and looked to the ground, he disappeared with an instant behind the Person who thought they deemed worthy, he whispered,"Do you think you can..handle my tests? if you lose, this is on you..." Saito quickly grabbed the tip of the Man's cloth as he disappeared mysteriously...

"Here we are, the Hideout." came out of Saito's mouth. the Leader then yet again disappeared, but this time just a few steps back. Saito immediately took out his zanpakutou, dashing towards the Opponent feeling the thrill of boredom thinking he wouldn't even need to hollowify to beat him, but the Opponent reacted magnificently as they clashed in the ringing of metal. Saito began to smile, as he jumped back, grasping his sword, now he felt Exhilarated... the air began to distort as his right hand began to go to his face, pieces of blue reiatsu formed, then suddenly, a white mask formed with markings on it.. he then attempted to force the Opponent to awaken their mask through anger, attempting to provoke, Saito pierced the sword in "Kenna's" Shoulder...

"GUOAAAH!" A blackness flooded Kenna's eyes as his pupils were drenched in gold and a black dot in the middle, as orange reiatsu began to swarm half of his face, as he continued screaming, his voice began to turn high pitched as it got to its loudest.. a mask with yellow marking around it appeared as the Attacker said,"Yes, Show me!" the Awakened Visored dashed towards Saito with heightened speed, still not good enough though. Saito then grinned while the Enemy came towards him, Saito then said,"We might have to work on that speed of yours.." Saito tracked the Raging Visored movements, as he then went back and forth dodging the stabs of the sword. Saito then ducked as he grabbed the Opponents hilt of the sword with his legs as he then flipped, taking the Visored down, but this Visored got even more angrier, it had black markings in his mask..Saito then decided he needed to end it before it got worse, therefore he gripped the hilt of his sword in front of the Angered Monster, as he then hoisted the Sword into its mask. The White masked man with the blue markings then Disappeared yet again, as he was standing on the Hilt, he then said,"See'ya!" as he back flipped off, holding the hilt of the sword then putting two of his legs on the now stunned Visored's shoulders, taking the sword off that plummeted deep into the mask. the mask then fell to the ground, shattering as the Reiatsu released, Saito then ripped his own mask off, as it disappeared . Kenna woke up from his Controlled Slumber and said,"W-What happened?" Saito said,"You passing that's what." The Leader smiled, as he said,"But its not over yet..there's still one more battle...good luck."

3) I live in the United Kingdom, so the time I come on may be different.

4) If I'm able to, I'd like to find Subordinates Icly.

1) The plan for Urahara is to one, create the Hougyoku as tradition would dictate, how it will be created will be based on what the Aizen would like to do. I might not even make the thing, Sub Shini will be completely different from the norm, they won't have Shinigami powers, instead they will have powers based on their favorite video game. If I do manage to make the Hougyoku, it will be to give the powers to these special humans. Depending on the PB, I may just allow only basic Spiritually Aware humans to gain Sub, FB will be able to if the PB is low but I'd rather they do their own thing.~ The Hougyoku will be different from a jewel, I'll create it as a quarter for the Arcade Machine that will turn the humans into Subs. When it comes to the other races, I'll aid all aside from Hollows and possibly the Vaizard depending on how they are.

2) He sat there, the man in his overcoat pacing back and forth in his lab. A man of young stature, he meticulously fiddled with the small metallic object. Glancing over the object he lifted it up, and walked towards the large casing infront of him, an archaic arcade machine. Black in Color with "Find your Destiny" written in white across the sides of it, he inhaled, holding the quarter up.

"Please...Work..." He slid the object into the machine, the screen lit up with text scrolling over it. "Do you really need this power...?" It questioned, a generic 'yes' or 'no' he clicked 'yes'. The male, with auburn hair and deep blue eyes was transfixed..A foreign reiryoku began pushing into him, fusing with him and giving him the power he wanted...

3) Earth, I'd like to start as a Human-Ura.~

4) None.
Hollow Queen(King)

1) Over the course of the wipe, I intend to drive my character by the intensive desire of power. All of her actions will be based on what can, and can't be beneficial to her. I don't really intend to pre-plot anything, because of the sandboxy nature of roleplay that can change a character's intent.

2) Cold and callous hands--like claws, grip about the throat of their prey. A human subject to their likes, means only mortal death. The hollow's maw dripped of thick saliva, and with the man in a strangle hold, she draws him close and close. Not even his piercing shrieks could cease the approach. And alas, his lights blew out--life's blood spraying in a warm curtain, as his body is decapitated, head swallowed whole.

3) Northwest Ohio, USA

4) n/A
Hollow King

1) I intend to weed out the intelligent hollows from those that have no drive or basic reasoning above the normal, providing those that do seem to be capable of both rp'ing well and seem to have ambition and goals in the wipe with good boosts in power (via providing rp and sp transfers) as well as bringing them to earth in order to provide rp for the humans.

2) Within mere moments he had landed on the gillians shoulder, his eyes flashing as he quickly went to work ripping into the beast, his claws slicing through it's hard black cloak and digging deep into it's actual flesh, drawing out gallons of blood as the dragon ripped through it's neck, dying his black scales a deep shade of crimson as the gillians blood flowed out over his arms. Because of his speed in delivering the attack Shade had managed to fell the beast in a matter of moments. The giant hollow toppling to the ground as Shade drove his head deep into the open wound so he could feast on the exposed flesh inside. He almost felt a sense of euphoria as he swallowed gallon after gallon of blood and used his sharp fangs to rip flesh from bone and gorge himself on it's meat.

As the menos' flesh fell deep into Shade's stomach it immediately began the conversion from physical matter to spiritual energy which was being added to Shade's on reiryoku reserves, as well as boosting his natural amount of reiatsu and making him more powerful in nearly every aspect, as if each hollow that the menos was composed of was adding it's strength to Shade, choosing to become a part of a greater whole instead of participating in an endless battle for dominance over another beings mind, a choice that Shade had never been given, and probably wouldn't have taken even if he had received it.

By the time the gillian had hit the ground Shade had already taken to the skies again watching as it's body shook the ground as such a large mass slammed into the desert floor. Once the earthquake inducing mass hit the ground Shade began searching for his next target, not even bothering to watch as the rest of the gillians swarmed in towards the body to feast on their fallen compatriot, as this was such a normal occurrence that Shade payed it no mind. What he was paying attention to though was his hunger, a hunger that hadn't subsided even when he finished devouring a piece of that menos, he needed to continue hunting, at least until his hunger was satisfied for the moment so that he could think of a more efficient way to achieve his end goal, so he could finally be rid of this pointless need to sustain himself by feeding on others.

3) United States, Louisiana.

4) I don't believe a hollow king has such a thing, if they do though then I'll attempt to pick from those players that clearly want to be hollows and are good at doing so.
Human Leader

1) I plan, to fuck shit up.

2) Waffles and brown syrup. Sprinkle cinnamon on that bitch and you can sit on your front porch, grab a beer, and fuck her right in the pussy.


4) If I choose anyone suitable it'll be disclosed to make the plot that much more EGGS. YEEEAAAUH BITCH.
All applications are expected to include or have the following:

1)Starting out just being earths protectors and hating the shinigami that come to earth with a fiery passion however this may change as the wipe continues.

2) Kiara took a deep breath as she looked out over the lake and onto the setting sun taking a moment to admire it's golden orange, violet encrusted beauty before looking down at the still lake, bending down slightly propping her knee in the sand as she gently waved her fingers through the water watching the ripples as they spread out and collided with one another.
3)Illinois, USA

4) I would find them Icly.
Oh yeah my app is for Quincy Elder sorry I forgot to put that.
Quincy Elder

1)Starting out just being earths protectors and hating the shinigami that come to earth with a fiery passion however this may change as the wipe continues. I would train a very small group of quincies to assist me in earth's protection and teach them of our past associates with the shinigamis and the evils they had done to us.

2) Just like every other Monday morning Asmoskon had woken up late within his apartment due to his forgetfulness making sure that the alarm clock next to his head had never actually been activated and that only the current time was still present for the function.

Asmoskon had woken turning on his side to look over and see that he was already ten minutes past the start of his first class and still in his pajamas. Rushing throughout his apartment Asmoskon changed his clothing to his school attire and gather his supplies for the day cramming everything into the bag without order for speed was what he felt was truly important at the moment. Moving the strap over his shoulders to keep his bag in check behind him.

Asmoskon made a quick look over his apartment making sure that nothing was left behind that he might need during the day. Confident that he had everything Asmoskon had shut the door behind him . . opening it only a few moments later to grab his helmet.

"Damn it I'm so stupid if this keeps up I'm not sure what's going to happen" rushing throughout the city streets of Tokyo on the way to his high school while riding his motorcycle Asmoskon twists his wrist forward increasing the bikes speed. Moving through traffic on both sides passing cars in front of him as people screamed as he passed.

Taking only about twenty minutes in total to reach his high school Asmoskon rushes into the grounds on his bike causing the dirt to rise into the air behind him. Parking his bike in one of the few spots available while placing his helmet on the seat Asmoskon rushes into the building.

Making his way throughout the hallway as quietly as possible Asmoskon creeps around corners until reaching his primary classroom. At the last moment the same loud bells rang and every single door opened with the rush of every student.

Over the rest of the morning Asmoskon attended his classes until the lunch break where he sat atop the roof of the school eating his bowl of white rice mixed with his own specially made stir fry.

Sitting over the edge of one side of the roof Asmoskon looks up into the sky remembering the smile of his grandfather and his words of wisdom. "Every Action Has a Reaction"

4) I would find them Icly.
1) Build up our races and become the protecters of earth and its inhabitins ensuring to maintain peace Basically to build a group of qunicys to protect earth from other races and also select a few group of people that will rp and not bullshit,however this may change as the wipe continues.

2) Victor Bloodmoon walked over to the student that had proved their loyalty to him, he felt that he could finally trust him and so he approached him with a friendly smile "I must say, the time that you have stayed here have been great, but now i think you are ready to stand on your own. Those monsters out there grow stronger with each day, but with me the process is backwards, it is no secret that my time isn't infinite, so i must pass something on to you, and you must promise me in return that you will never use this for evil."

Victor then held his hand out with the palm facing upwards. "This is a quincy bow." he said as energy gathered in his hand to form a blue bow of pure reiatsu. "This bow is formed by reiatsu, a quincy, like me gathers all their reiatsu to form this." he said as he turned the bow around to let the student look closer at it. Then he continued: "But since a technique like this requires a lot of reiatsu, we can't rely entirely on our own strengths." This explanation would take some time, but Victor always loved to tell long stories.

"We quincys are skilled at the reiatsu, even making us able to gather reiatsu from nearby objects or just the air." He continued.
it was such a delight to tell such stories to the younger generations, he thought to herself. "In any case, what i want to do now, i want to teach you the ability to create such a bow and fire a arrow with it, making it a powerful weapon."
He then dismissed his bow and went over to his student.

"First you gather your energy." he started with, he did not want the student to try yet, seeing that summoning a bow for the first time is difficult, he would go through theories first. "Then when you believe you have gathered enough you direct that energy to your hands..." he continued, he was eager to find out if his student were able to do as he did in his young age. "...And then you shape your energy into the bow." He were finished with his theory lesson, the practice would come next, but that should be a place hidden from public, and away from things that could break.

3) USA

4) Iccly i'll find them

1) Since there are no other current quincys I plan on RPing as the lone quincy remaining and attempting to ensure the quincy practice lives on. First by remaining alive and if I icly find a person who remains human attempting to get them to follow the Quincy path.

2)Kiashi laughed admiring his own bow for a moment before speaking, it had been quite a while since he had summoned it but he still remembered how to use it perfectly. "He was, he spent his days near a lake meditating until I went to see him.. in truth we weren't blood related. He found me one day as I was playing out in the woods as a young child. Told me he could see the power behind my eyes and that he could help me surpress the black outs. Don't know how the hell the man could see that much but this is a bow made out of my own spiritual energy, and fires arrows I create out of the same energy." Kiashi then laid on his back Raising his arm with the bow high but at an angle that none of the arrows would come back down anywhere near them before firing a decently impressive barrage of arrows into the air for his age.

3) Illinois, United states.