Age of Magic - Fairy Wars

by Zagros5000
Age of Magic - Fairy Wars
Coming this soon.
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Sorry we had to wipe again due to some major changes, hopefully last time.

Spells are split up into two types now, strength and magic based. This does what it sounds like, it further uses your strength score, or your magic power score as basis for spell damage

for example:most of the spells for dragon master are strength based. the selection screen tells you which stat the class will use now so you know

Furthermore balanced out all the skills. the maximum damage of a skill is 5000 now *shouldnt go much higher than that*the reason is that mastery of a skill will double the damage and halve the mana cost by the time it's all said and done. Master a skill by using it repeatedly. *note that some skills like the battle mage class's battle armor switching into the suit will not gain mastery*

fixes of this variety :

-Corrupt save bug fixed (hopefully)

Fixed a bug with level up that could have potentially given players higher levels than intended.

Weapons will now greatly improve attack power now
for example: a weapon like a common sword that gives you 5 spd 5 str translates into 100 bonus points of dmg.
the ratio is 1 point on weapon=10 points of dmg give or take

Fixed a bug where you can target someone who is invisible or transparent*which usually means dead*

Dexterity now increases chances at landing a critical hit with melee attacks. This means investing a few points into dexterity gives a chance at higher damage.

added some more variables to determines which source of power you use for skills, magic power or strength.
For instance all dragon master skills would be "Str" Based.

Eat Magic can be used once every 1 min to avoid abuse.

Added an option to sell your items to get rid of them, you get back 25% of its original cost in jewels.
it should be 50%, like what they do at corner shops, and are you gonna ad more DM magic types, cause if you do, i have an idea about it...