Warrior Cats RPG

by Shinx1
Warrior Cats RPG
Join the world of the Warriors and experience life with your Clan!
In response to Gabe2318002
Gabe2318002 wrote:
Man I was looking for something to do with Warriors in a video or game and now I find something... but it is dead. I hope this can come back I really want to play.

If you'll help me revive it, I'll start being active on it. .w.
I'm confused... How do I talk to Jayfeather in the beta version for ThunderClan at the beginning of the game? It won't let me move on.
Guess that whole "Non-active" game phase has come into effect. Nobody posts, I can never find anyone playing, and because of that I'm stuck as a kit for my whole life waiting for something to happen where I can become an apprentice or something. (Which, to be honest, probably never WILL happen.) I'm sad to see a game like this go, and I try playing every once in a while. Of course, I can't do anything while I'm in the game, but I wait for the day to come where I'm not stuck seeing moons pass and wait to be apprenticed.
so if you do check this thing anymore send me a msg through byond pager. i'd like to ask a few questions.
Honestly, if this was brought back I would probably play it/help manage it just for nostalgia's sake. Feel free to hit me up on the pager.
^ this... i would like to play this as well as help with keeping it going as best as i can for nostalgia as well as it'd be fun. does shinx still use byond ??
In response to Reveria
I don't know myself. The last time this game was hosted was in 2017 and so he might not.
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