Shonen Jump Battlers - Season 1

by Mana Production
Shonen Jump Battlers - Season 1
A fighting game based off Heroes of Shonen Jump by Team Mana - Who will be the best battler?
  • New Modes for Player Matches: Sparring Mode. You can now fight each other like you were fighting in the training lab except its now Player vs Player. NOTE: To leave, Leave like you were in training lab

  • Lives Mode: The Challenger can decide the set of lives in a battle: Minimum 2, up to 5 lives.
  • Character PP: You won't lose PP until you've lost 3 matches consecutively. NOTE: You will still lose PP in Ranking Matches and Relogging won't erase the consecutively lost. Only by winning a match will save you from losing PP.
  • Battler's RP: Players won't lose RP if their World Rank is E and E+, even if you've done over 25 Ranking Matches.