I have been trying to use my tablet more to get back in the groove since school has started back up. Been doing some concept art in an anime-style, and it resulted in these.

In order of creation, oldest to newest:

I'm open for C&C if you have any. I'm probably not going to do too many changes to these, but any advice will definitely be taken into consideration.
Welcome back.
Then there's this WIP.

Coloring is a whore.

Just doing a little at a time between classes. Haven't been able to really sit down with this yet. lol

And what might this lovely person be doing?

That would be a foot, good sir.

The shading on it looks a bit off then. Looks like both her legs are going straight down. Might be good to add a bit more color to the cloth under the thigh or something.
Add more color to the black cloth :| ill try mang
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Albro1 wrote:
Add more color to the black cloth :| ill try mang

I meant give it a slight highlight of a shade lighter. To show it's UNDER the thigh, and not the thigh itself.
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Albro1 wrote:

you have way too many straight lines o_O you should add more curves to your lineart straight lines = manly curves = female like.

bring the eyes down to be even or below the ears
Thanks for the C&C. In her defense, her description was for her to be a bit manly. But yeah I see your point lol.
Here's another WIP.

Tried some new coloring techniques here.


Those look amazing!
Thanks! And here's the finished product.

The latest one is my favorite, but I feel like the right leg turns into nothing and disappears behind the left(maybe show the foot poking out past the left leg a little bit)
I like the last one
I guess I'll post this here as well, it only seems fitting. This is my latest piece. It is pretty big, so if you want to see it full size here you go:

Wow you're really quite the artist.
needs more balto
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