I'm actually working on a Visual Novel with a group of people right now, so drawing women is pretty much a must-have skill. I have drawn mostly men for years, so my women are a bit rusty. Been getting plenty of practice in lately for the purpose of this project.
What program and tablet are you using?
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Paint Tool SAI for the line art, and Photoshop for the coloring. Using a Wacom Graphire3 tablet.
How big is the drawing area on that?
I'm using an A4 size now (I really like using it, because using a HUGE canvas makes the size 1 brush look thinner. I didn't like how thick my line art was in my other pieces that I used a smaller canvas in.).

An A4 size is 2480x3507.
Speaking of this, here's my latest WIP sketch.

tl;dr i hate drawing guns
When drawing using a computer, I generally like using softer brushes (brush utensil on Paint.NET) with slightly bigger brush sizes. This allows the center of the brush to be the most opaque at the center and the least opaque at the edges. The result leaves some pretty fancy anti-aliasing like this:

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I use softer brushes when I'm coloring. Like here:
coloring in sai too or photoshop?
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This time, I'm using Sai. The piece before this, I used Photoshop.

I like Photoshop because it is really easy to do cell shading. I haven't really tried smooth coloring in it yet.
There's plenty of tools you can make in Photoshop, and you can download all kinds of tools that people have made on the internet.

That being said, if you are trying to replicate PaintStop in Photoshop, you would probably be better off just using PaintStop. There's a reason I prefer to use Paint Tool SAI for line art rather than just doing everything in Photoshop - I like SAI better.
While I'm posting all these females, I guess I'll post this shitty charcoal from my figure drawing class too lol

Uh... NSFW, I guess.
Here's the latest piece. hue

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Re-read this thread and realized that I misunderstood your question.

I'm not sure of the exact drawing area on the tablet, but it is around 8x9 inches or so, if I had to guesstimate it.

Side note: LOL Google Chrome doesn't tell me that "guesstimate" is not a word I win

Slight update I suppose.
She tryna seduce me with them green cat eyes of hers. *MEOW*
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