So I'm creating a Star Trek game...and I've already made the whole Impulse thing (easy to do) and now I'm working on Warp. I'm at a loss on how to do it or even what exactly I want it to do. Anyone have any ideas?
A "realistic" warp drive would probably offset the ship several grid-spaces in the direction that its heading, since warp drives are supposed to effectively teleport the ship into the distance at an extremely rapid pace. A simpler alternative would be to just teleport the ship to the desired coordinates.
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Yeah, but I'd like to integrate speed to the equation. Just teleportation would be boring. I'd like to have Warp 1-9.
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No ideas eh?
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GohanIdz wrote:
No ideas eh?

You told me you had quit the game.
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Well, lets assume that moving at warp 1 moved you one tile per tick. That means you'd have to move these distances at each warp level to match the Star Trek defenitions:

Warp 1    1 tile per tick
Warp 2 10 tiles per tick
Warp 3 39 tiles per tick
Warp 4 102 tiles per tick
Warp 5 215 tiles per tick
Warp 6 392 tiles per tick
Warp 7 656 tiles per tick
Warp 8 1,024 tiles per tick
Warp 9 1,516 tiles per tick
Warp 9.2 1,649 tiles per tick
Warp 9.6 1,909 tiles per tick
Warp 9.9 3,053 tiles per tick
Warp 9.99 7,912 tiles per tick

So short of coming up with an "infinite space" setup that spans say, a million tiles in each direction, I can't think of any real way to impliment accurate warp in a Star Trek game.

It might be possible to setup a system of loading maps for the intended destination, then just determining which maps are accessable within a reasonable amount of time at each warp setting.
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why dont u just do the speed idea but teleport it to a different Z and have teleports at ethier end of the map, so when your going through this map and u keep telelporting it will look like your still going through the mass of space, and then just add in a timer depending on where your heading and wat warp speed your at,

e.g going to earth at warp speed 3, leave them in that map going round and around for about 40seconds then teleport them 10sqaures away from earth and drop them to impulse ;)

i think that is a fairly simple way?

Eray Xx