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I can't access my byond hub as whenever I open byond, it just has black square with byond on it. Equally I can't play any games either as whenever I launch it from the site, it shows the same black square and byond except it now has "loading live games from byond hub" under it with no loading bar filling. I have tried everything from uninstalling and re installing to downloading old versions, but nothing works!!

Any help, advice or solution is appreciated. Thanks!
Best response
Do you have a firewall that may be blocking it?
No none at all. I even set rules for it in the firewall settings
Hello Nnaemeka,

I usually avoid this section because, quite frankly, I'm not experienced with troubleshooting. I did a quick run-through of posts regarding similar issues and previous helpers have suggested a few courses of action:
  • Clear your BYOND cache.
  • Reinstall Abobe flash player.
  • Have Internet Explorer installed ( at least windows 7 ).
  • Ensure your firewall isn't blocking BYOND.
I'll keep digging if none of that ends up being useful.
So I cleared the cache and I'm able to connect to games again, however I am still unable to open the hub and as such cannot log out of my byond account (it automatically signs in).